These Young Peeps Went On An Auto Ride Covering Over 1000 Km Along The Western Ghats To Promote Girl Child Education

by Suchismita Pal
by Suchismita Pal787

Some people travel for leisure. Some others embark on journeys for noble causes. Five youngies, Anshul Rai Sharma, Paul Kurian, Preetha Datta, Vidur Singh and Venkatesh Thapan set out a road tour to spread awareness about girl education, collaborating with the NGO, Project Nanhi Kali. They started riding 1700 kilometres in a kaleidoscopic autorickshaw from Bengaluru to Mumbai and have already covered over 1000 kilometres. Through this Auto for Impact mission, their aim is to raise funds for educating girl child in India.

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A Quirky Way To Spread Awareness

The five friends had graduated from Ashoka University a year ago. They had the urge to do something to bring a change. Finally, they zeroed on the autorickshaw ride campaign and commissioned an artist from Bengaluru to paint the auto. With the assistance of local auto drivers, Vidur and Anshur learned how to drive an autorickshaw.


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They could have approached the people directly to spread the word about the cause. But the vibrant auto helped them garner more attention. The team also contacted several companies to get support for the campaign and have already raised around ₹30 lakhs.

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The Team Took A Pause At Goa, Awaiting Vaccinations

They rode their aesthetic vehicle through the Western Ghats and on April 15, reached Goa. According to The New Indian Express Edex Live, the five friends decided to take a pause at Goa and continue the journey after taking vaccinations. They have already covered over 1000 kilometres and will take the Mumbai-Goa journey whenever the situation is favourable. At the end of the campaign, they have planned to donate the autorickshaw to someone who needs it.

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If you too want to donate for the cause, you can contribute your share by clicking here.

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