This Chennai Temple Serves Sandwiches & Burgers As Prasad To Devotees

by Sanjana Shenoy
This Chennai Temple Serves Sandwiches & Burgers As Prasad To Devotees

Jaya Durga Peetham temple has fascinated not just devotees but even foodies. This Chennai temple has abandoned the traditional prasad for American fast food prepared in the temple kitchen. A visit to the temple not just involves spirituality but also gastronomy. Read on to know why you must visit Jaya Durga Peetham temple.

Jaya Durga Peetham Serves Fast Food As Prasad To Devotees

At Jaya Durga Peetham devotees are given food like burgers, brownies, sandwiches and even cherry tomato salads as prasad.  Interestingly, Food Safety and Standards Authority of India(FSSAI) has certified fast food at the temple as the products come with an expiry date. The western prasad is not the only thing that’s unique. Devotees must slip a token into the vending machine to collect their boxes of fast food prasad.

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Temple Also Prepares & Distributes Cakes On Birthdays Of Devotees

The brainchild of K Sri Sridhar, a herbal oncologist, who came up with the idea of serving American fast-food as prasad at the temple had interesting tidbits to share with He revealed to the news agency that the idea was to show that any food that is nutritious, prepared in a hygienic kitchen with a clean mind can be served to good. Prasad doesn’t always have to be traditional dishes. Jaya Durga Peetham also maintains a register of regular devotees and distributes cake on their birthdays.