This Civil Engineer Quit His Job To Start Cow Farming; Now Earns ₹10 Lakhs/ Month

by Sanjana Shenoy
This Civil Engineer Quit His Job To Start Cow Farming; Now Earns ₹10 Lakhs/ Month

26-year-old Jayaguru Achar Hinder opted for a regular 9 to 5 job after his graduation. The resident of Karnataka earned a salary of ₹22,000 per month by working at a private firm as a civil engineer. But in 2019, he decided to quit his job and get involved in his family business. And that’s when he transformed his life from a civil engineer to a dairy farmer, earning over ₹10 lakhs per month. At a time when people opt for cities, hoping for a better life, Jayaguru Achar Hinder found a beacon of hope in his family’s dairy farm. Here’s his inspiring story.

Quitting Engineering Job To Join Dairy Farm

Jayaguru Achar Hinder hails from Mundru village in Karnataka. When he worked as a civil engineer, he often went back to his village to engage in something he loved, farming. In 2019, Jayaguru shifted gears and joined his father’s business. Using his learnings from engineering, he used innovative ways and advanced technologies to increase revenue. According to News18, Jayaguru bought a machine from Punjab that dries cow dung, after getting inspired by videos. Using the machine he sells thousands of bags of dry cow dung every day.

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Innovation To Create A Successful Dairy Farm

With his research and sincere efforts bearing fruit, he also sells around 30 to 40 kg ghee and 750 litres of milk every day. He revealed to News18 that they have 10 employees, several types of machinery and other facilities that reduce the burden on the labour. And that’s not all, he also sells the water used to bathe the cows. The dairy farm also prepares cow dung slurry by mixing cow urine, cow dung and water, which is useful for farming.

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Earning  ₹10 lakhs Per Month & Being An Inspiration

He sells 7000 litres of this slurry every day. The successful cow farmer with his products has helped hundreds of farmers improve their productivity. Today, he earns a whopping ₹10 lakhs per month after applying his engineering knowledge to dairy farming. The engineer turned dairy farmer makes a fortune selling milk, organic fertiliser, manure and even the water used after bathing cows. His innovation and humble story is truly an inspiration. Meanwhile, here’s a fun video of a perfect farm life in Punjab.