Gurdaspur: A Day In The Pind of Punjab

by Sneha Pai
Gurdaspur: A Day In The Pind of Punjab

The Wanderlust Called Gurdaspur Under 140 Characters

aao huzoor tumko, sitaron mein le chalo dil jhoom jaaye aise, bahaaron mein le chaloon

Fun Fact: Did you know, these people place a miniature aeroplane on their water tank? They hope that someday they’ll go abroad. Seems like it’s working for them, don’t you think?

Tell Me More

If you are a 90’s kid you will probably recall Punjab. A product of Osho’s influence on Karunesh, Punjab is a German (yep, he is German born!) dude’s take on the classic time-travel to the pind of Punjab. Although the song depicts a daughter (Shweta Salve) leaving her father’s home after marriage, the khet, the mitti, the haveli, everything gives you a glimpse of the land. As a result, a wanderlust called Gunopur bit us and made us delve a little further into the tiny village of Gurdaspur (Punjab). Inhabited majorly by the Saini Sikh of Pama Got, their ancestors migrated here from Jammu in the early 90’s.

What’s The Turban Count?

The 2011 census suggests a turban count of 1,212, 995 and 1,086,031 women with the total population being 2,299,026. In Gunopur, the head count is as low as 1,500 people.

What Makes Gunopur So Special?

You are unlikely to find a sabzi mandi here. Amidst the endless greens and flourishing family owned farms, you will find mustard, wheat, and sugarcane fields. What’s highly unmissable are occasional spotting of the handsome mundas driving tractors on their family owned khets. Don’t stereotype them yet, the roar of their Royal Enfield talks enough for all the hard work they put in. From growing their own veggies to milking their own cows, these guys are pretty much self-sufficient.  Umm.. the thought of fresh vegetables and thick yoghurt lassi just made me hungry. See you soon with more stories!

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