This Delhi Bakery Makes A Gold Plated Mithai Costing ₹16,000 Per Kg

Gold Plated Mithai Delhi
by Suchismita Pal
by Suchismita Pal 835

Have you got a sweet tooth? Also, how much are you ready to splurge to satiate your sweet cravings? A bakery in Delhi is grabbing eyeballs now for making a gold-plated sweet that costs a thumping ₹16,000 per kg. Shagun Sweets and Bakery, located near Durgapuri Chowk, Shahdara, Delhi has launched this unique delicacy called the gold-plated mithai. The mithai, wrapped in gold foil and topped with saffron looks wholeheartedly elegant. A single bite of this sweet will give you the feeling of raja maharajas!

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Mithai Wrapped In Gold Foil And Topped With Saffron!

Delhi-based food blogger Arjun Chauhan initially uploaded the video of this gold-plated mithai on his Instagram handle ‘oye.foodie’. Shagun Sweets and Bakery then reposted the video. The caption of the video reads, “Tag your Rich friend who would try this.” In the video, we see a big cube of the sweet, dressed in ghee, placed on the side of a tray. The confectioner then applies glittery gold foil on the cube. He then cuts the bigger cube into square pieces and tops each piece with saffron.


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The bakery makes other unique desserts too like kaju katli cake and horlicks barfi.

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Golden Food Is Not A New Thing ( Literally!)

This is not the first time a food joint in Delhi launched a gold plated grub. De Jag’s in Delhi sells a 24-karat gold plated ice cream for ₹500. Gastronomica in Greater Kailash serves golden tikkas for ₹2100. Also, Yamu’s Panchayat in Connaught Place serves a gold plated paan that comes for ₹600. In Gurgaon, Inferno Brewpub serves gold plated veg and non-veg burgers at ₹645 and ₹815 respectively. Even dosa comes plated with gold in India, in Bangalore’s Rajbhog restaurant. Mumbai’s Messy Addaa serves a giant Bahubali momo, also coated in pure gold.


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