6 Foods With 24 Carat Edible Gold You Must Try In India

by Suchismita Pal
6 Foods With 24 Carat Edible Gold You Must Try In India

Want to get the richie rich feels while gorging on a meal? You can definitely have it if your food is wrapped in gold. Luckily, in India, there are eateries serving grubs that are actually plated with 24-carat gold. If you’re ready to pay the price, you can relish these golden delights to glitter up your taste buds. Here is a list of 6 such gold plated grubs:

1.24-Carat Gold Plated Ice-Cream

De Jag’s in Delhi rolls out a gold plated ice cream that looks every bit marvellous. The cone is first studded with golden sugar balls and then loaded with ice-creams of myriad flavours, dry fruits, chocolates, macaroons and more. The ice cream is then covered with 24-carat edible gold foil. The Go for Gold ice cream here costs ₹500.

2. 24 Carat Gold Chicken Tikka

Chicken tikka is something we all love. And when this comes plated with gold, it will surely let you experience royalty. Gastronomica located in Delhi’s GK serves 24 Carat Gold Chicken Tikka. The chicken chunks are grilled to perfection and then dressed in gold leaves. A plate of these golden tikkas comes for ₹2100.

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3. Gold-Plated Paan

Would you shell out ₹600 for a paan? Well, you might if your paan is coated with gold. Yamu’s Panchayat of Delhi’s Connaught Place serves a luxurious paan that is stuffed with dry dates, cloves, gulkand, sweet chutney, cherries, coconut and more and is served with a gold-plating.

4. 24-Carat Edible Gold Burger

Not in Columbia or Dubai, in India itself, you can relish elegant gold burgers. Gurgaon’s Inferno Brewpub dishes out veg and non-veg 24-carat gold plated glazed burgers. The burgers are large, luscious and dazzling. The veg burger costs ₹645 and the non-veg one is priced at ₹815.

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Picture Credits: Tastemade ( for representation)

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5. Gold-Plated Kulcha

Kulcha is one of the iconic foods of Delhi. And Shalimar Bagh’s Amritsari Kulcha Factory makes a gold-plated kulcha. The Amritsari Gold Plated Kulcha is served with chole or dal or both.

Picture Credits: Dil Se Foodie ( Youtube)

6. Gold-Plated Dosa

When we see so many things plated with gold, why will dosa be left out? Rajbhog restaurant in Bangalore serves a 24-carat gold-plated dosa priced at ₹1011. The crepe of the dosa is prepared in olive oil and in thus healthy. The restaurant also serves a silver-foiled dosa.

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Picture Credits: Youtube