Enjoy Horlicks Ice Cream At This 60-Year-Old Legendary Eatery Near Bangalore

by Sanjana Shenoy
Enjoy Horlicks Ice Cream At This 60-Year-Old Legendary Eatery Near Bangalore

In an ever-changing world of food trends, the humble foodie craves something that’s authentic and old-school. A bite or a sip that would take you straight down the road of nostalgia. For the people of Udupi, the coastal town near Bangalore, it’s Hotel Diana. A 60-year-old eatery that started of as an ice cream parlour selling cool drinks. Today, it’s a full-fledged restaurant where its specially concocted ice creams like Horlicks Ice Cream and iconic Gadbad are the bestsellers.

Hotel Diana In Udupi Serves Unique Horlicks Ice Cream Slab

For a person who isn’t a fan of Horlicks, I admit to being quite sceptical about this ice cream. But as a foodie, I had to devour the bestseller of the bestselling ice cream parlour. The Horlicks Ice Cream is a slab of caramel coloured ice cream with a thin layer of crumbly cake. It’s creamy, light and has subtle flavours of Horlicks. I realised you don’t need to be a Horlicks fan to enjoy this dessert. The unique flavour would perhaps remind you of toffee. It melts in your mouth and refreshes your palate.

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This Eatery Accidentally Invented The Iconic Gadbad

When you’re at Hotel Diana, you cannot leave this renowned establishment before trying their iconic Gadbad. This ice cream sundae was born in the 60s. The story behind this creation goes like this. The founder, Mr Mohandas Pai encountered a group of customers during the closing time of the restaurant. They ordered ice creams. Despite some flavours out of stock, he didn’t want his customers to leave without ice cream. So, he suggested his staff throw in three scoops in a glass and garnish it with nuts, fresh fruits, jelly and sauce. Since the ice cream sundae was made in a hurry, (‘gadibadi’ in Kannada) he named it ‘Gadbad’. The birthplace of Gadbad is Hotel Diana and you must try this beautiful sundae.

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Try Their Delicious Beetroot-Potato Cutlets

Apart from the ice creams, Hotel Diana is well known for serving lip-smacking cutlets. This establishment prepares cutlets with beetroot, potatoes, lentils and curry leaves. They serve this snack with their housemade chilly tomato sauce and green chutney. From snacks like samosas, pav bhaji, masala puri, fruit milkshakes, dosas, to full-fledged curries and chapatis, there are plenty of dishes to choose from.

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More importantly, the flavours are rustic, prepared with age-old recipes and exuberate love and warmth. So, the next time you’re planning a road trip from Bangalore, visit Udupi to gorge on Horlicks Ice Cream, Gadbad and cutlets.