This Dog Trying To Lick Food From The TV Screen Is The Cutest Video On The Internet!

by Shreya Ghosh
This Dog Trying To Lick Food From The TV Screen Is The Cutest Video On The Internet!

If you have a pet dog at home, you surely know how entertaining the experience of living with a furry friend is. We can completely relate to you if you spend most of your time at home capturing adorable moments of your pet pooch. While they just mind their own business, we can never stop gushing over their goofy activities; be it jumping all around or playing with toys. The obsession with pet dogs is real and we agree with everyone who is obsessed with these furry buddies and their goofiness. Here’s a cute video of a pet amusing Netizens with his adorable instances.

Get Ready To Chuckle And Fall In Love With This Dog!

A Reddit user who goes by the username @u/Spikebeed shared a video sparking a bundle of joy. A pet dog attempts at stealing some food from the television and someone captures the moment to share with Netizens. Check out the delightful video here.

Good boy trying to steal food from TV
by u/Spikebeeb in AnimalsBeingDerps

The user shared the cute footage with the caption “Good boy trying to steal food from TV”. This good boy is surely winning the hearts of Internet users. We are very amused to see the goofball trying to sneak some food from the TV. Little did he understand that it is just a television set and he cannot eat anything from the screen IRL. But who will make the pooch understand the reality? So let’s just enjoy this goofy video of the furry baby trying to get some food from the video playing on the TV.

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As seen in the video, the man on the TV screen is enjoying a bowl of noodles and he keeps a piece of bread in his left hand. This adorable pet tries to eat this piece of bread from the screen and we cannot stop ourselves from melting at such cute footage.

Pet Parents Are Relating To This Video!

Only a pet parent knows what it feels like to stay with a pet. They understand how a pet feels at different times and these people are totally relating to how this dog is reacting to the food on TV. Some are sharing how their little pets behave when they are kept in front of a TV. The reactions and stories are so lovely!

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Do you have a furry friend too? If yes, share some of their adorable moments with us.

Cover Image Courtesy: Reddit/ u/Spikebeeb