This Eatery In Malad Is Offering The Tallest And Cheesiest Burger In Mumbai

by Vinita Jain
This Eatery In Malad Is Offering The Tallest And Cheesiest Burger In Mumbai

To challenge your foodie appetite, Mumbai brings the new Food Adda located in Malad. Following the fusion food chain, a new restaurant has been opened in Malad, Mumbai. Food Adda in Malad is the seventh franchise that has opened in Mumbai. and they offer the quirkiest fusion dishes. We tasted quite a few dishes at Food Adda and we absolutely loved them. Food Adda is a vegan restaurant offering some lip-smacking vegetarian fast food. So, if you’re a vegetarian and a cheese frantic Food Adda will be a paradise for you.

Try Their Tallest And Cheesiest Burgers

Food Adda serves the most peculiar burgers. The tallest and cheesiest burgers are attached with a flag toothpick. The floating melty cheese with the top bun placed upside down on top of the patty is quirky but appealing too! The flag toothpicks are fun to read as they have pictures of many relatable memes.  The tempting hamburgers are infused with generously filled patty, cheese, lettuce, and mayo. Fries are also served along with these overloaded burgers.

They have quite interesting and unique names for the burger towers like Lambu Burger, Ulta-phulta burger and Bhukal Burger. The Lambu burger is 18-20 inches tall and costs ₹499. These creamy, and cheeseburgers will definitely add some calories but will definitely make your heart happy.


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What Else To Try?

We also tried their popular Waffle Tower which is loaded with chocolate, gems, cream, and various other toppings also. This Waffle Tower itself had 4 waffles and 8 pancakes. If you’re looking for something savory, only you can try their sandwiches, pasta, potato wedges, garlic bread, Chinese, deserts, etc.

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