Mumbai’s First And Only Chocolate Burger Is A Must-Try For Foodies

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Mumbai’s First And Only Chocolate Burger Is A Must-Try For Foodies

Are you a sweet tooth? Are you too someone who cannot resist chocolates? Are you someone who doesn’t fear experimenting when it comes to chocolate? Well, then you must try a Chocolate Burger. Hey do not worry, this chocolate burger is not one of the disastrous food trends that are walking in these days. This burger is pure and pure only chocolate filled and tastes like heaven for sure. 

Chocolate Burger In Mumbai

Digital creator Mayank Shah recently came across this wonderful place that serves mouth melting and super chocolaty chocolate burgers in Mumbai. It is Mumbai’s very first and the only place to serve chocolate burgers. Foodie Bay cafe in Mulund east is the cafe that serves this burger. The burger has yummy brownie, vanilla ice cream and bun which also has chocolate in it, making it a total chocolaty treat. Every bite offers a crazy blast of chocolate accompanied by the cold vanilla ice cream adding to the taste. The burger is simply amazing and way ahead of what you can imagine. The cafe is the only place in the whole of Mumbai to serve this. 


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Other Unique Burgers And Pastas

The cafe is not only known for serving chocolate burgers but the menu also has many other unique and tasty burgers. The Paneer Bhurji Burger is super yummy and also is different as it sports a Pink burger bun and not the regular one. The best thing is that the pink colour is not any food colour but beetroot powder making it more healthy. If you love pasta you can also try pasta from their amazing variety. Apart from burgers and pastas, the place also serves pizza, sandwiches, momos, frankies and so much more. 


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