This Eatery In South Mumbai Offers The Best Street-Style Chinese Food

by Vinita Jain
This Eatery In South Mumbai Offers The Best Street-Style Chinese Food

Who doesn’t like street-style Chinese? The style of cooking Chinese on the streets, the sauces used, the burst of flavors, and the spice level are something that defines street style Chinese. You may say that’s unhealthy but you’re never going to get enough of the Street style of Chinese. Raju Chinese a quaint outlet that serves a lip-smacking vast variety of Chinese in South Bombay.

People who’ve studied in any college of SoBo are definitely aware of this eatery. Because this is a regular place to grab a quick street-style Chinese plate. Raju Chinese aims at fulfilling all your desi Chinese cravings in one go. This place has a lot to offer.

History Of Raju Chinese

Raju Chinese was earlier in the HR college as a canteen. But now they have opened their own outlet which is located just opposite the Nirmala Niketan College in marine lines, South Bombay.

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What This Eatery Offers?

Raju Chinese serves a typical Indian kind of Chinese. It offers dishes like schezwan rice, triple schezwan rice, Manchurian, their special fried noodles, chilly Chinese rolls, cheese rolls, and a lot more. Not to miss, Raju Chinese also serves non-vegetarian Chinese options, like chicken soup, chicken rice, chicken chow mien, etc.

What makes this place unique is also the massive quantity they serve at cheap prices. Like if you’ll order a plate of Schezwan rice, they serve it with Manchurian, fried noodles, and a schezwan chutney.

College students are regular visitors to this eatery. The quantity of a plate is more than sufficient for 2 people. Every dish of theirs has a delicious taste and has a strong flavor of ginger and garlic in it.

What are you waiting for, get up, go to this iconic place at Marine Drive and have your favorite street-style Chinese item? Relive your college memories and have some top-notch street-style Chinese. End your day on a good note with a walk at Marine Drive.

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