This Eatery In Thane Offers The Biggest Thali In India For Desi Chinese Food Lovers

by Shreya Ghosh
This Eatery In Thane Offers The Biggest Thali In India For Desi Chinese Food Lovers

We Indians love to gorge on Chinese foods, especially the desi Chinese dishes. It is very surprising how we have added desi touches to the taste of Chinese cuisine to suit our taste palate. The craze of Chinese food is insane of course but there is something else that is grabbing the food industry infectiously. Thali is the biggest highlight of most restaurants these days. And when the most loved thali and Chinese come together, the end result is always the best, just like a ‘cherry on the cake’. Embrace yourself to check out the biggest thali in India full of Chinese delicacies only at ‘Masaledaar by Mini Punjab’, Thane.

The Biggest Thali In India Is Massive & Crazy!

‘Masaledaar by Mini Punjab’ is popular all around for its incredible, delicious, larger-than-life thalis. The most popular one is Dara Singh Thali. Well, the restaurant has continued its legacy with this Chinese thali as well. The biggest thali in India of Chinese dishes is insane and huge and takes 2 people to bring it to the table. To satisfy your hunger pangs for desi Chinese foods, trying out this Chinese thali is a mandate. No matter what you crave, the humongous plate has everything for you.


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The Chinese Thali Tastes Heavenly!

The thali has loads and loads to offer you and your loved ones. Well, it is no way possible to finish the plate alone and you have to bring people with you for it. Talking about the dishes of the thali, there is simply no describe the taste. All the dishes are mouth-watering and taste unbelievably delicious. The flavours burst beautifully as soon as you take a bite of anything from the thali. The thali consists of 2 soups, 6 appetisers, 5 sauces, 2 noodles bowls, 2 rice bowls, 4 main course dishes, 2 accompaniments, and lastly sizzling brownie with ice cream as the dessert. No wonders why it is named the ‘biggest thali in India’.

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The thali has a lot to eat and finish. Appetisers start with noodles, manchow soup, sweet corn soup, lollipops, spring roll, momo, fried noodles, and a lot more. For the main course, it has chilli paneer, crispy spinach, Malaysian noodles, burnt garlic hakka noodle, schezwan rice, manchurian gravy, schezwan gravy, and more dishes. The thali comes in 2 varieties; vegetarian (₹1,500) and non-vegetarian (₹2,000). Every dish’s quantity and the variety are immense and there is something or the other for everyone on the table.