This Exceptional Purple Flower Blooms Only Once In 12 Years In Kerala

by Shreya J
This Exceptional Purple Flower Blooms Only Once In 12 Years In Kerala

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The best time to see nature’s not an ‘everyday phenomenal’, Neelakurinji, a purplish blue flower is here, from July end to October end!

What Is It?

The season and the year is ripe for this beautiful flower to grow on the Anamalai Hills near Munnar. The hills will have more than 3000 flowers, serving as a bed for this endangered specie. So, refrain from touching them! This flower grows once in 12 years and is a major tourist attraction for travelers from Europe and The United States too!

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What Else?

The plant grows above 1500 meters and shoots up to a height of 30-60 cms. Since Neelakurinji comes from Strobilanthes genus and is native to Asia and Australia, it takes about 12 years for the seed to sprout. These beautiful flowers become a pollination ground for butterflies and honey bees, as they hold huge quantities of nectar.

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Image via Pixabay- For representation purpose only

Almost 80 lakh people are expected to visit this beautiful flower-filled scenery this time and is soon to be declared as a Wildlife Sanctuary under the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972.


Timings: 7:30AM- 4PM

Entry Fee: Rs. 120 for Indian Nationals


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