This Flamingo In Navi Mumbai Is India’s Tallest Waste Metal Sculpture

by Suchismita Pal
by Suchismita Pal 135

Recycling is an eco-friendly process and an interesting way to achieve it is in the form of art. Recently, Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation ( NMMC) crafted a 28.5 feet tall flamingo sculpture entirely out of discarded materials. When measured from the base, the height of the structure is 32.4 feet. The sculpture stands near Nerul’s Jewel of Navi Mumbai lake. It has been beautifully carved out of 1790 waste metal pieces from 26 machine types. And it entered the ‘Best of India’ record books for being the tallest waste metal sculpture in India crafted out of machine scraps.


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Navi Mumbai To Be Promoted As The Flamingo City

By crafting this flamingo sculpture, NMMC wants to communicate the message of 3Rs. 3Rs stands for Reduce, Recycle and Reuse. The sculpture has been named ‘Waste to Wonder Flamingo Mural Art’. What’s more, through the art, NMMC also wants to promote Navi Mumbai as a Flamingo City. Various paintings and sculptures have come up in several parts of Navi Mumbai to give a boost to its Flamingo City tag.


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Lakhs Of Flamingos Visit Navi Mumbai During Winters

Lakhs of flamingoes visit Navi Mumbai during winters turning the city into an ocean of pink. They are an integral part of Navi Mumbai’s ecosystem. According to NMMC, they are crucial for maintaining the ecological balance of the region too. The flamingo sculpture is aimed to create awareness too about the importance of their presence in the ecosystem.

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