Flamingo Spotting Guide In Mumbai: 4 Places To Watch The Pink Beauties

by Tania Tarafdar
by Tania Tarafdar 709

Many places in Mumbai offeres vantage views of thousands of Flamingos from December to May. But do you know where to catch a glimpse of them? Bird lovers, grab those binoculars, slather the sunscreen, and head to these spots in Mumbai to see the big pink influx. You can not only view the flamingos from a distance but also take a jetty to view them up and close. 

1. Flamingo Sanctuary, Thane

You can spot thousands of Flamingos at Thane Creek every year. Here you can get a closer look at Mumbai’s winged visitors with boat tours. Now you can take a safari through a part of 1,690 hectares of mangroves and mudflats near Airoli and Vashi creeks to take a look at flamingos that fly from Kutch every year for five months to the lands of Mumbai. The safari will start at the Coastal Marine Biodiversity Centre in Airoli, and you will be able to sail through a 10km stretch with the pink beauties.

2. Tawale Wetland, Navi Mumbai

If you are lucky, you can watch thousands of flamingoes painted the Talawe wetland pink with their sheer flamboyance and beauty. Occasionally, the water in part of the wetland takes a spectacular shade of deep pink and it is a sight to behold!

Recently, the residents of Seawoods Complex in Nerul, Navi Mumbai were ecstatic to witness a flamboyance of flamingos. It was quite a show. The pink feathered creatures migrated to a waterbody near Navi Mumbai due to a decrease in human activity. The flamingos enthralled residents last year too. 


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3. Sewri Jetty

The Bombay Natural History Society, Sewri holds flamingo-sighting tours where you can go on a jetty from the Sewri railway crossing area. With the help of a spotting scope (kind of a telescope), you can get a closer look at the pink beauties. Another group that takes you on a boat to watch the beautiful fowls is the Wildnest group. 

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4. Bhandup Pumping Station

You can get a closer look at the Bhandup Pumping Station. A tour group Wildnest specialises in trips with larger boats that can seat between 12 and 24 people. Along with the flamingos, here you can get a close look at various birds like the purple heron, egrets, black-headed ibis, spot-billed duck, and sandpipers.

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You can also get a glimpse of the flamingos at Uran Wetlands. 


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