This Hearing-Speech Impaired Couple In Nashik Sells Pani Puri With Big Smiles; Guarantees To Make Your Day

by Shreya Ghosh
This Hearing-Speech Impaired Couple In Nashik Sells Pani Puri With Big Smiles; Guarantees To Make Your Day

If you truly want to work and succeed in life, no obstacle can stop you from doing that. A hearing-speech-impaired couple in Nashik is proving this every day. They did not restrict themselves from working, instead, they stepped on the ground and are running their business smoothly. A video of this Nashik couple and their pani puri stall shared online is going viral on social media. Read on to know all about them.

Video Of This Hearing-Speech-Impaired Couple In Nashik Will Make Your Day

An Instagram food blogger named ‘Street Food Recipes’ shared a video of the duo interacting with him on his Instagram account (@streetfoodrecipe). The video is linked right here and we are sure this will melt your heart.

The couple communicates with all their customers using hand gestures and prepares delicious street food snacks for them. In this video, we can see that the man is communicating with hand gestures and describing all about their stall and the woman is preparing Pani Puri and through her hand gestures, she is assuring the spice level for the customer.

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The food blogger uploaded the video captioning, ‘This will melt your heart and make you smile :) Deaf and mute couple defies disabilities to run a humble little Pani puri stall in Nashik. Everything they serve is homemade by them, even the puris. I really love how they maintain cleanliness while serving the food.’ He also said how ‘this couple is the real influencers that our generation should follow and learn from’ and we totally agree!

Netizens Are Loving Them & Their Pani Puri Stall

Netizens are truly impressed by the video and the lovely couple in it. Another thing that grabbed everyone’s attention is the cleanliness maintained in this pani puri stall. They have properly maintained the hygiene of the stall and kept the entire place neat and clean. The best part about the pani puri here is that the couple serves everyone homemade. In fact, they prepare the puris as well.

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If you wish to visit this place, let us share the address with you. You will find the couple selling pani puri near Jatra Hotel, Adgaon Naka, Nashik.

It is truly an inspirational story and the couple surely motivates everyone.

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Street Food Recipes @streetfoodrecipe