Indian Couple Converts Tempo Traveller Into ‘Home On Wheels’ With Kitchen And Bathroom 

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Indian Couple Converts Tempo Traveller Into ‘Home On Wheels’ With Kitchen And Bathroom 

How many of you have dreamt of travelling the world in a Caravan? Many of you must have but there are some people who don’t just dream but do it. Deepak and Ruchi Pandey who met at a college in Dehradun share the love of travelling. Their love for travelling and the pandemic introduced them to the concept of Caravan. The Indian couple loved the concept and converted their tempo traveller into a home on wheels. 

Tempo Traveller Into Home On Wheels To Travel India

Deepak and Ruchi both are passionate about travelling. The couple who were in college together used to bunk classes to explore the city. Their curiosity to travel India after marriage increased and they used to travel in Tata Safari. But as their family grew they started searching for a bigger vehicle and the pandemic hit the country. Their travel plans got halted and they did not eat or drink outside as well and that’s when they got introduced to caravans. They decided to adopt this idea, but getting permission was not easy. Somehow as the couple pushed through the permissions, the next hurdle was getting the equipment to upgrade the vehicle. But now after jumping off all the hurdles, the couple has by far explored Leh-Ladakh, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Uttarakhand. 

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Home on Wheels

The caravan contains spacious seating, a kitchen, a restroom, two enormous mattresses that can sleep four people, air conditioning, and storage space. A 150-litre water tank and solar panels for electricity have also been added by Deepak. The solar panels ensure sufficient electricity and they also have generators for rainy days. The van has all the basic facilities like we have at home like kitchen, microwave, bathroom, gas, shower, etc. The conversion cost was ₹ 12 lakh, bringing the total cost to almost ₹ 18 lakh. According to Deepak, the price of a used van will be between ₹ 20 and ₹ 25 lakh. 

Pic credits: The Better India

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