This Hidden JLT Gem Offers Hand-Pulled Noodles In Dubai’s Bustling Car Park

by Deeplata Garde
This Hidden JLT Gem Offers Hand-Pulled Noodles In Dubai’s Bustling Car Park

Craving some noodles when in Dubai? There’s a plethora of restaurants that will offer you a large range of noodles from flat to wavy. But today we are suggesting you go to the hidden gem that not only offers you sluprilicious noodles but is also an affordable option. So be it a month-end crunch or you want to eat on a budget, San Wan is the best option to have the best Hand Pulled Noodles in JLT Cluster F.

JLT’s Hidden Gem Serves Hand-Pulled Noodles

For an authentic Chinese culinary experience in Dubai, look no further than San Wan Hand Pulled Noodles. Nestled in JLT’s Cluster F, this hidden gem specializes in Shaanxi cuisine, hailing from China’s North Province. Watch as skilled chefs expertly hand-pull wheat flour dough into elastic strips in the open kitchen. These noodles are then artfully cooked with a range of flavorful sauces and spices.

San Wan offers a budget-friendly haven, priding itself on generous portions and top-notch fare. The diverse menu features an array of noodle dishes, each crafted with care. In addition to noodles, the restaurant presents delectable starters and sides that tantalize the taste buds.

Amidst an inviting atmosphere, the friendly and knowledgeable staff ensure an enjoyable dining experience. At San Wan, relish in hearty satisfaction without straining your wallet. If an authentic taste of northern Chinese noodles beckons, this JLT treasure is your destination.

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What To Eat In Here?

Begin your feast with a zesty chilli cucumber salad that awakens the palate. The soy-marinated infusion boasts a harmonious blend of sweetness and a tantalizing kick of heat, leaving you yearning for more. While San Wan’s prices remain modest, the portions are decidedly generous, so savour each bite and embrace a satisfying dining experience.

At San Wan Hand Pulled Noodles, noodles take centre stage, offering a diverse selection to satisfy every craving. Embark on a culinary journey with their signature dish, the traditional biang biang noodles. Bursting with vibrant green vegetables and a delightful touch of spice, this dish is a captivating introduction. If slender noodles are your preference, the chicken wonton noodle soup presents a medley of hearty meat-filled wontons in a broth enriched with thin hand-pulled noodles. Setting hand-pulled noodles apart from their machine-made counterparts is their velvety-smooth and resilient texture, adding an extra layer of satisfaction to each bite.

So what would you prefer? Handmade or machine-made noodles?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ San Wan Hand Pulled Noodles