This Dubai Restaurant Is Offering A Limited Edition Pink Noodles, Hurry Grab It Now

by Yogita Chainani
This Dubai Restaurant Is Offering A Limited Edition Pink Noodles, Hurry Grab It Now

Food always unites us. We may speak different languages, but when it comes to food, we all are one! Be it Indian, Italian, Thai or Mexican- there are varied types of cuisines that we love. And when it comes to food, Cafe Isan, Dubai’s most prominent Thai Street Food restaurant has something special for you. The iconic restaurant has come with a limited edition pink noodles, and you surely cannot miss out.

Pic Credit: Stocksy

Pink Noodles Can Be Eaten With Your Choice Of Protein Portion

Dubai’s most iconic Thai street food chain is all set to treat your taste buds with some pink noodles. On this, partner and co-owner Chef New says:

“Pink noodles are as old-fashioned as it gets. A truly well-loved dish, popular throughout the entire nation, I remember buying pink noodles for 2 baht (0.24 fils) from the cart outside the school gates. I loved them so much, as did all my friends and family. In those days, two baht would get you a plastic bag of plain pink noodles, with no veg or egg, just a pinch of spring onion on the top!”

Vegan and Veg Options Are Made Available Too

The chef has always been interested in bringing authentic dishes from the across the world to Dubai and hence, after varied other dishes, she is launching a limited edition pink noodles to make her guests experience something new. You can order the pink noodles with your own choice of protein- meat or seafood. Veg and Vegan options are available too. What’s the best part about these noodles? Well, they are gluten-free and are perfect for those with allergies and intolerances. As everything is freshly produced, those with allergies can always be catered for quickly. The best part is that the portions are made keeping the taste buds in mind.

Hungry already? Well the vegan/vegetarian noodles are priced are for AED 42, the chicken one is priced at AED 46.20, while the prawns one is for AED 51.45