This Is Asia’s Largest Tea Estate In Assam And Is A Must-Visit

by Dikshita
This Is Asia’s Largest Tea Estate In Assam And Is A Must-Visit

Talking about Assam, the foremost visual that strikes our mind is the world-famous Assam tea and the large tea estates. Large enough to believe that Assam is surrounded on all sides by tea estates. It is a state that thrives on its tea plantation and tourism, like its other northeastern counterparts. The tea estates add to the state’s lush green beauty. Well, it should be of no surprise to you that Asia’s largest tea estate is situated in Assam. 

Monabarie Tea Estate, An Epitome For Assam’s Tea Plantation

Picture credits: Official website/ Biswanath District

Monabarie Tea Estate is spread over a massive stretch of 1,158 hectares and thus, is entitled as the continent’s largest tea estate. The legendary tea estate is located in Monabarie, the district of Biswanath. The tea estate is owned by McLeod Russel India Limited which is a part of the Williamson Magor Group. McLeod Russel India Limited was founded in 1869 and is today the world’s largest tea-growing company. The esteemed tea-producing company has as many as 31 tea estates in the state alone. However, the age of the tea estate is unknown but it is definite that such a legendary estate would be in existence since the late 1800s. The best time to visit the tea estate is from October to April. Travellers love visiting this time as it has very pleasant weather during these months.

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Assam: The Tea E(State) Of India

Picture credits: Pixabay

The Northeastern state houses more than 100 tea estates spread over as much as 2,16,2000 hectares. The tea estates must’ve given the state an aroma of chai everywhere. This just defines why Assam is the largest producer of tea in the country. Thus, Assam today is synonymous with tea estates and is world-famous for Assam tea. Other than Monabarie, Halmari, Harmutty, Wild Mahseer, Sonapur Tea Estate and many more tea estates account for Assam’s finest teas. The tea plantation is an exquisite attraction for the Brahmaputra valley of Assam.

It adds to the many reasons why the state is a magnetic attraction for domestic and international tourists.

Cover Image Courtesy: Official website/Biswanath district