This Is How Much Food Delivery Executives Earn In Different Cities Of India

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
This Is How Much Food Delivery Executives Earn In Different Cities Of India

Every person who works deserves acknowledgement in terms of money and respect. The delivery executives in India who at one click make sure that our favourite food is delivered to us in no time have different incentive schemes and pay structures depending on the state or city at times. Here is how much food delivery executives earn In different cities. 

1. Metro cities

The earnings are very much different and high in metro cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, etc. The delivery executives earn about  ₹12K to ₹15K part-time and ₹20K full time.  If some extra efforts are taken by the executives, they can also earn about ₹30K a month.

2. Pune

In Pune, a delivery executive shared the information, he said that the executives earn about  ₹45 per delivery adding ₹30 per hour, ₹200 is the bonus they earn for working 8 hours a day and the bonus for working 5 hours is ₹50.

3. Hyderabad

The salary at a food delivery company per month is ₹12,500 and the order commission received per order is ₹17. The salary here is interesting and also serves good incentives

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4. Ahmedabad

A delivery person in Ahmedabad earns about ₹25 for every delivery done using a bike and ₹18 for every delivery by cycle. The good part is that both the incentives and rating earnings are decent.

5. Vijaywada

The delivery guy gets ₹30 per order and they can perform as many deliveries as they wish to in a day. They also provide a target, which when achieved the guy receives a bonus amount

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6. Chennai

A food delivery company in Chennai paid ₹800 normally on Saturdays and ₹1600 on Sundays compulsorily and paid extra for extra efforts

7. Vishakapatnam 

In Vishakapatnam, A minimum of six orders have to be delivered to receive ₹800 per day. Also, an incentive of ₹60 per order is given on completion of 14 orders.

Image Courtesy: The Guardian

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