This Is Vikrant Massey’s Favourite Sandwich From Raghu Jay Sandwich

Vikrant Massey
by Mallika Khurana

Vikrant Massey is a fabulous actor who has established his value in the industry with his skills and talent. He is a well-known actor who continues to dazzle us with consistent, excellent work in every project. He started his journey to impress the world with Dhoom Machao Dhoom. Since then, he has paved a solid path to success for himself. Vikrant Massey joined Kamiya Jani, our Editor-in-Chief, on this episode of Sunday Brunch & The Bombay Journey to tell us more about it.

Vikrant Massey Reminisced About His College Days

During our fun chat with Vikrant, we got to know that he went to the National College of Technology, Mumbai, for his graduation, as did Kamiya. Like long-lost buddies, they caught up on everything they remembered about their college lives. They talked about the Raghu Jay Sandwich Shop near the college as well as the Schezwan fried rice from Ravi’s stall. She asked him about his favourite sandwich from that place, and he revealed that he loved the chilli cheese toast the best. He also remembered the sugarcane juice cart beside the sandwich shop. Truly, there is nothing more blissful than college days.

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He Played An Exciting Game With Us

Vikrant Massey Sunday Brunch

Photo Credits: Canva

Vikrant Massey played a wonderful round of Drive Metre with us, and it was a truly exciting round. He had to pick one item from each of the several combinations we presented to him. First, we asked him if he preferred flying or taking road trips, and he said he preferred flying. Further, he preferred mountains to beaches, an SUV to a sedan, and the driver’s seat to the passenger seat.

The conversation took a turn for the better after that, and we were impressed by his quick answers. We ended the game by asking him about his favourite places to visit on a road trip, and his list was pretty elaborate. Vikrant Massey revealed that he has explored the majority of Europe, including France, Spain, and Italy, via road. However, he also shared that he recently found out how fun road trips can be in India. 

Next, he shared a lot more about his travel plans, and we totally related to them. Catch the episode to know what they are!

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