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by Anupriya Mishra

If there is someone who can manage to turn heads every time they walk into the room from Dubai Bling, then it’s definitely Safa Siddiqui. For those who aren’t aware, she is one of the cast members from the hit Netflix series, Dubai Bling which created quite a stir with its glimpse into the lifestyle of the uber-rich in Dubai. In her entertaining interview with Kamiya Jani on the episode of Curly Tales Sunday Brunch Middle East, Safa Siddiqui admitted that she goes to Old Dubai for a very special reason. Here’s what she had to say.

Why Does Safa Siddiqui Like To Visit Old Dubai?

You may remember the cast members from Dubai Bling for their fancy clothes and luxurious cars, but each of them had their own personality. As it happens, Safa Siddiqui made headlines with her fantastic taste in fashion, and this bubbly cast member gave every budding fashionista out there some serious outfit inspiration. When she met Kamiya Jani for an interview, she agreed that she frequents Old Dubai with her husband. As she is a self-confessed foodie, there is an Indian restaurant in the neighbourhood from where she loves to gorge on delectable Indian dishes. She said that while she sits in the car, her husband gets all the yummy snacks like pav bhaji and pani puris!

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She Talked About Her Personal & Professional Life!

Safa Siddiqui

During the interview, Safa Siddiqui also spilt details about how she ended up in Dubai and about her journey. She talked about her love for fashion, how she is into Bollywood movies, and that she is planning to learn to cook for her children. The mother of two also revealed details about how her fashion label came to be and the challenging journey that she faced while launching her label during her pregnancy. She sounds fascinating, doesn’t she?

Well, if you too loved her on the popular show, Dubai Bling, then you must watch the entire episode on the YouTube channel of Curly Tales Middle East.

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