This Kerala Home Baker Created The World’s First Edible Saree & It’s Unbelievable

by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 1049

To celebrate the harvest festival, Onam is style, Kollam based home baker Anna Elizabeth George created a unique piece of art cum food. She designed the world’s first edible saree. This life-size traditional Kasavu or Kerala saree is worn on special occasions, especially during Onam. The half white coloured sari with a golden zari border, is lightweight, elegant and 100 per cent edible. So, how did the talented woman make this saree, and what are the ingredients behind this culinary and design invention? Well, read on to know more.

Anna Elizabeth George Was Inspired By Her Mother’s Kerala Saree To Create Unique Dessert

Anna Elizabeth George is a multifaceted woman. She is a home baker, florist, has a passion for fashion designing and currently pursues a PhD in cancer and neurobiology. With a long line of credentials, Anna credits her maternal grandfather for her cooking and baking skills. She also named her floral and baking venture, Jacob Florals and Jacob Bakes after her grandfather’s name. The passionate home baker loves experimenting with new flavours for her customers. She wanted to celebrate Onam in a unique manner. According to a Femina report, after watching her mother’s sarees drying, she decided to create a dessert that incorporates the unique culture and heritage of Kerala.

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edible saree kerala

Picture Credits: Anna Elizabeth George

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She Created The World’s First Edible Saree Using Starch-Based Wafer Papers

Elaborating on the idea, Anna created the world’s first edible saree, with patterns inspired by her mother’s saree.  The concept of edible fabric is common, where people made ones as big as a handkerchief. But to prepare an entire 5.5 m-long edible apparel was no easy feat. She took a month to research and plan this saree. And another week to execute her plan where the traditional edible Kasavu saree weighed around 2 kilograms. Anna used starch-based wafer paper for the saree base. She further revealed to Femina that the wafer paper is made of potato or rice starch.

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edible saree kerala

Picture Credits: Anna Elizabeth George

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The Talented Home Baker Spent ₹30,000 On Her Creation

Each wafer paper was around the size of an A4 sheet. Anna used 100 of those to get the accurate length and texture of the saree. She next used gold dust lustre to get the golden zari border look. Patterns were created on the edible saree, similar to cake decorations. The talented home baker spent around ₹30,000 on her edible saree. Her dessert resembles the traditional Kasavu saree. In fact, you might have a hard time telling them apart. Well, kudos to Anna Elizabeth George for creating the world’s first edible saree! We can’t wait to wear it, or eat it!

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