Fleurons Bakery In Delhi’s Malviya Nagar Offers Unique Maggi Cake, Coke Cake & Laddoo Cake To Surprise Your Loved One

by Sanjana Shenoy
Fleurons Bakery In Delhi’s Malviya Nagar Offers Unique Maggi Cake, Coke Cake & Laddoo Cake To Surprise Your Loved One

Maggi fans, if you want a perfect cake to celebrate a birthday or just any occasion, then we have a fantastic recommendation for you. Fleurons Bakery in Delhi’s Malviya Nagar bakes delicious Maggi Cakes that resemble your favourite 2-minute packet noodles. And that’s not all, apart from their unique Maggi Cake, Fleurons Bakery also delivers Coke Cake, Laddoo Cake and Chole Bhature Cake to your doorstep. Here’s everything you must know about these unique themed cakes.

Go Down Memory Lane With Maggi Cake

Fleurons Bakery, helmed by Chef Ravneet Manchanda prepares eggless and vegan cakes from scratch. Situated in Delhi’s Malviya Nagar the bakery took to Instagram to give foodies interesting information about their new Maggi Cake. It’s a 1 kg Milk Chocolate Truffle flavoured cake with fondant decorations. While the signature red-yellow Maggi logo is inedible, you can also choose an edible logo.  When the bakery received the order, they weren’t sure where to go for it nor not.  But they then took 2 sweet days to create this cake, which looks way better in real life than in photos. Fleurons Bakery delivered this delicious Maggi Cake, 28 km from its bakery. All the effort was worth it as the customers were delighted when they saw the cake and the reviews were phenomenal.

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Ring In Celebrations With Laddoo Cake

Have you ever seen a giant Motichoor Laddoo? Well, neither have we. But at Fleurons Bakery you can order a larger than life Laddoo Cake, perfect for weddings, engagements and other auspicious occasions. The Delhi-based bakery first received a customised order for a Laddoo Cake all the way from Hyderabad.  The cake had to be delivered to the client’s sister’s place for her engagement the next day. Since Fleurons Bakery created a Chole Bhature Cake, the client was confident they could pull off a unique Laddoo Cake. And that’s exactly what they did. Fleurons Bakery created a 1/2 kg non-fondant Butterscotch flavoured cake that looked like a big orange Motichoor Laddoo, topped with silver foil and pistachios. While the cake is not filled with Motichoor inside, it looks exactly like a massive laddoo.

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So, foodies, these are two of the amazing cakes you can get at Delhi’s Fleurons Bakery. You can get your order customised to your liking and receive the final dessert at your doorstep.