This Man Is Creating Food And Water Dispenser For Dogs And Saving The Strays

by Shreya Ghosh
This Man Is Creating Food And Water Dispenser For Dogs And Saving The Strays

It is our responsibility to help and be kind to others, and do our bit. And it does not mean we will only be good to humans, we need to be empathetic and show kindness to the stray dogs, cats, and the lives around us. Recently, such a wholesome video surfaced on social media platforms and it won the netizens’ hearts. A man came forward to help the stray dogs and created a food and water dispenser for the strays.

This Man Is Creating Food And Water Dispenser For Stray Dogs

A Twitter user @Thund3rB0lt uploaded this heartwarming video on the social media platform captioning, ‘Guy makes a food and water dispenser for stray dogs. Honor and Kindness’. And it is surely an inspiration to everyone out there. The video shows how the man installs a food and water dispenser for the stray dogs in his locality. And this motivates the Internet users to do their bit and help out these strays. These dispensers are a very unique idea and this video is garnering a lot of traction in no time. The video went viral on Twitter and the netizens are showering love and compassion on it. Check out the video here.

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Netizens Are Appreciating This Kind Gesture For The Strays

The video shows the food and water dispenser properly with one pipe holding dog food and the other containing water in it. The most interesting part is the design and shape of the pipes that ensures that the dispensers are always full of food and water. Twitter users are really loving the innovation used in installing the dispensers and how conveniently the strays can eat and drink when they want to. This warm gesture is impressing and melting hearts of the Internet users, especially dog lovers.  It has been about 10 days since this video was uploaded and currently, it has over 2.9 million views and more than 105K likes.

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The reactions to this video are very wholesome. Everyone is quite fascinated with this amazing easy idea to help stray dogs. Here are some reactions.