This Mathematics Teacher From Kashmir Built An Electric Solar Car In His Backyard

by Vinita Jain
This Mathematics Teacher From Kashmir Built An Electric Solar Car In His Backyard

With the planet’s resources depleted and inflation hitting record highs, electric vehicles appear to be a significant part of our future. Owning an electric car may be a distant dream for some of our countries, but this automobile enthusiast from Jammu Kashmir decided to make work hard and find a solution to this problem. After investing in 11 years of research, he invented an affordable electric vehicle powered by solar energy and hard work. Bilal Ahmed a Mathematics teacher from Kashmir invented the affordable electric car that runs on solar energy. His innovation has become a buzz on the internet.

Story Behind This Innovation

Bilal Ahmed wanted to manufacture a luxurious and affordable car for the common people. Bilal’s this made him study cars since 1960. He was highly inspired by the engineers and innovators of Detroit USA who owned the car company DMC. In one of his statements, he said, “Cars like Mercedes, Ferrari, BMW are a dream for a common person. Only the rich can afford such cars. I thought it would be great to allow people a feeling of luxuriousness through this innovation.”

Initially, he wanted to make a car for the disabled, but because of some financial crises, he couldn’t afford it. He even wanted to supplement the regular petrol or diesel-based vehicles to increase the mileage. But due to some technical issues experiments with hydrogen gas didn’t work out. That’s when he started looking for solar energy vehicles. He then worked with various exporters and manufacturers to focus on custom single crystal solar panels that ultimately generate more energy than other solar receptacles.

The car is fully automatic and has gull-wing doors to accommodate space shortages. Ahmed used most of the car’s surface area to install the solar panels.

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Omar Abdullah Praised Him

Former Prime Minister of Jammu & Kashmir, Omar Abdullah also tweeted about Ahmed’s performance, saying: there is a solar panel on the body of the car and a charging station inside.

Although according to the sources Ahmed once said “No one financially supported me. If I had the support I needed, I might have been Kashmir’s Elon Musk.”

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