This Noida Cafe Serves Everything At ₹90 For All Those Going Broke

by Suchismita Pal
This Noida Cafe Serves Everything At ₹90 For All Those Going Broke

Who said that delicious food with wholesome quantity come with a heavy price tag? Noida has just got a new eatery that serves almost everything, excepting the combos, at just ₹90. And guess what, their Maggi variants, sandwiches, burgers and rolls are even cheaper. To grab a plate of Maggi here, you just need to shell out ₹30 ( something lesser than the basic auto fare in Delhi NCR). The newbie eatery at Sector 65, Noida can be an ideal place to hit up when you’re hungry and broke. Read on!

Tandoori Chaap, Biryani, Fried Momos, Chole Puri And More At Just ₹90

Think Chola Bhatura, Dum Aloo Puri, Chole Puri, Chole Kulche, Paratha Jeera Achaar, Rajma Chawal, Chicken Curry Chawal, Fried Momos, Paneer Labardaar or Soya Chap Masala Cream, you can savour all these and more at only ₹90 at Food@90, Noida. The little cafe also offers Plain Maggi, Veg Maggi, Cheese Maggi and Paneer Maggi at ₹30, ₹50,₹70 and ₹80. Love rolls? They start at just ₹60 here. Double Cheese Burger costs ₹70 here and Garlic Sandwich is rolled out at ₹70. They offer Indian bread variants as well at pocket-friendly rates and they are available at prices from ₹7 to ₹75. Tandoori starters like Tandoori Chaap, Veg Malai Chap and Achari Chaap are priced at ₹90 for two pieces. A plate of biryani too costs ₹90 here. Foodies, isn’t this piece of news music to the ears for y’all?

Noida Cafe Serves Everything At ₹90
Picture Credits: Pixabay ( for representation)

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The Food Joint Remains Open Till 1 AM At Night

Food@90 not only serves affordable food inside the cafe, but it is also accepting online orders now for all kinds of desi meals. If you want to enjoy some hot or cold beverages with your snacks, you can also order Kulhad chai, Hot Coffee and Cold Coffee here at ₹40, ₹70 and ₹90. The best part is, the shop remains open till 1 AM to sort out our late-night cravings too.

Noida Cafe Serves Everything At ₹90
Picture Credits: Hospibuz and VeggieCravings

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So, even if you’re surviving on your pocket money, you know where to hit up now to get your hunger pangs happily sorted. Meanwhile, have you tried the mouth-watering tikkis at Delhi’s Iconic Bittu Tikki Wala?