5 Garma Garam Street Food Dishes In Delhi To Indulge In This Winter

by Vidisha Khaitan
by Vidisha Khaitan 236

Delhiites don’t hide in dens during the winter. In fact, the pleasant cold calls out to us! You’ll find more people on the streets because the summer is to too hot to enjoy some of our favourite street food. Winter is when we get the opportunity to truly enjoy a steaming cup of chai and go all out on piping hot winter street food perfect for the chilly breeze.

1. Aloo Tikki

Aloo is a city lifeline. It’s the easiest no brainer when it comes to Delhi winter street food. Bittu Tikki Wala’s aloo tikki is crispy on the outside, gooey on the inside and just so comforting that we never get tired of it. You can have it with masala and chutneys and dahi or you can take it plain and simple with a dash of salt. It’s a Delhi lifeline on every corner but there’s one place that stands out. It would be worth it to go from any corner of the city to Rohini just for one taste of Bittu Tikki Wala’s at least once in your lifetime. But you don’t have to. From the streets of Ayodhya to fifteen outlets in Delhi NCR, this place has come a long way.

Where: G-46 Aggarwal Millenium Tower, Netaji Subhash Place

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2. Ram Laddu

Fried balls of dal pakode topped with mooli and green chutney is the simplest and most brilliant way to satiate winter cravings. Everybody knows India loves pakode and Delhi has the most iconic pakode place. Even Our iconic Bangla Sahib Gurudwara was not successful in overshadowing this Delhi gem. The 24×7 pakoda stall is behind Delhi’s biggest gurudwara. The place is always flooded with people, 4PM and 4AM alike. Service takes2 minutes because they’re cooking all day, well prepared for the heavy footfall they see daily. Popping delicious hot street food on a cold winter night is a pleasure Delhi knows best.

Where: Hanuman Road Area, Connaught Place

hot street food

Image Credit: amar ujala

3. Kebabs

Did you think we were going to take a walk through Delhi’s hot street food and go back without kebabs? Mughlai heaven Nizamuddin lives in our very own capital city and we have finally chosen the best kebabs place. Ghalib Kebab Corner is a 40-year-old place with kebabs on display, so you know what to eat already. The pull of these delicious kebabs is inescapable, the fragrance undeniable. They have the best shami kebab and mutton tikka. You will definitely come back for this one. The kebabs are smoky from the skewers and melt in your mouth as soon as you take a bite.

Where: Shop 57, Near Lal Mahal, Ghalib Road, Nizamuddin

4. Moth Kachori

A hot crispy spicy kachori served on a bed of boiling gravy is just the thing we were looking for. Paharganj’s 75-year-old Multan Moth Bhandar serves Delhi’s favourite moth kachori. When we think of Paharganj, the infamous scenes of Dev D flash before our eyes. Hot street food carries us from the dingy alleys in Paharganj and drops us in a bowl of everything bright and shiny. It’s topped with sirka pyaaz or vinegar onions, a long chili and some chaat masala. It’s savoury, spicy, crunchy, dry and wet at the same time! Outside most of Delhi’s metro stations, you will find different versions of kachori and gravy. We suggest, go on a testing spree!

Where: 9283, Gali 6, Multani Dhanda, Paharganj

hot street food

Image Credit: bohemian foodies

5. Momos

Delhi cannot live without momos just as it would collapse without chai. Momos are that integral to our daily diet and more importantly, uncontrollable cravings. The heart wants what the heart wants. There’s a momos place at every corner in this city serving steamed and fried momos but, there’s one place where you could get it all. Yashwant Place in Chanakyapuri is the door to Delhi’s Narnia. It’s located above a Russian Market which has seen guests like Russian President Putin’s wife! It is also momo heaven. Go crazy with sizzler momos and mutton tandoori momos or stick to the basics with steamed chicken or vegetables. You’ll find the most unique momos here like pork, fish and lamb.

Restaurants: Chimney Corner, Laguna and Al Quresh

Where: Yashwant Place Commercial Complex, Chanakyapuri

Delhi winter is when the very many flavours of this city become more vibrant than ever. Hot street food draws us out of bed and into the potent lanes of this city bursting with flavour. These popular items are available around the city. The feel of eating the same food in this weather is completely different from what it is in the summer. We’re just loving all this street food overload. Don’t forget a chai kulhad when you’re devouring the city’s best!

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