Paharganj’s 75-Year-Old Multan Moth Bhandar Serves Delhi’s Favourite Moth Kachori For ₹30!

by Vidisha Khaitan
Paharganj’s 75-Year-Old Multan Moth Bhandar Serves Delhi’s Favourite Moth Kachori For ₹30!

Delhi’s Paharganj shone bright in all its neon glory in Anurag Kashyap’s groundbreaking success, Dev D. When we think of Paharganj, the infamous scenes of Dev D flash before our eyes. The red-light district, inebriation and gratification. On our last visit however, something changed. Gratification took the form of devouring delectable dishes. Moth Kachori at Multan Moth Bhandar carries us from the dingy alleys in Paharganj and drops us in a bowl of everything bright and shiny. Also try Pork Ribs And North Eastern Thalis In South Delhi! Mizo Diner Is A Hidden Gem In The Tiny Lanes Of Safdarjung!

What is it

A crispy spicy kachori served on a bed of a gravy. This is not like the aloo kachori outside Delhi metro stations or the famous Jaipuri Kachoris. This is its own version of North India’s go to fried snack. The gravy is made of rice, moth and spices. In case you’re still disoriented from Dev D visuals, moth is a type of lentils popular in Indian kitchens. Sprouted moth beans have had a different purpose this whole time. We feel as if kachori and moth were made for each other. Moth Kachori is topped with sirka pyaaz or vinegar onions, a long chili and some chaat masala. It’s savoury, spicy, crunchy, dry and wet at the same time! It’s like a thousand flavours in a small leaf bowl overflowing with ingredients. All this is just for ₹30! Don’t you love this city? You’re about to love it more because you can opt for a half plate for ₹20 as well. Check out These 10 Famous Dishes In Delhi Under ₹50 Will Put Fine Dining To Shame!

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What’s more

The best is yet to come. Leave your worries about street food behind because Moth Kachori is not oozing with oil like other fried street food items on Delhi’s menu. This small detail takes our new favourite snack to the next level. It’s something we can eat over and over. Multani Moth Bhandar has been on the block for 75 years. If that isn’t a guarantee of their excellence, then we don’t know what is. They have stood the test of time with classics like rajma chawal, kadhi chawal and chaap chawal for ₹30.

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Their Moth Kachoris are made piping hot and served fresh. They open shop at 8 AM for morning hunger pangs and only take a break at 9 PM. This place runs non-stop for 13 hours every day. Visit them to feel the Paharganj magic and leave feeling warm and happy.

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Where: 9283, Gali 6, Multani Dhanda, Paharganj

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