Pork Ribs And North Eastern Thalis In South Delhi! Mizo Diner Is A Hidden Gem In The Tiny Lanes Of Safdarjung

by Vidisha Khaitan 2146

Winter binge list just got perky. Tibetan food in south Delhi is always scarce and we’re always on the lookout. It’s true what they say, hard work pays off. Mizo Diner in Safdarjung is for the art and food cravings that never end. This is no ordinary diner. It’s a hub of artists who walk in and out looking for inspiration, and often pouring inspiration in for others. If you love Tibetan food but Majnu Ka Tilla is too far then, Forget Mini Tibet, Head To South Delhi For Most Authentic Laphing In The City!

What is it

Mizo Diner is decked in a bright blue to change your mood as soon as you enter. The vibe of this place is undeniable and all encompassing. Go here if you wish to leave the world outside. Step inside the collective work of different artists who paint the walls with graffiti. They host all kinds of events throughout the year which gives a platform to underground talent. Music gigs, art exhibitions and movie screenings are a regular jam in this bright blue beacon of local artists. Great artists are also coming to Delhi’s biggest ever Queer Lit Fest with Devdutt Pattnaik And Nizami Brothers!

mizo diner

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Where’s the food

The food here is true to form. They serve north-eastern food and a touch of fusion Asian. Their thalis are wildly popular for an unforgettable experience at ₹250. Another Dilliwaala dish is their juicy momos. Mizo Diner is all about pork and buff. The pork ribs are finger licking good. Stuffed eggs and aloo chop are other delicious delectables unique to this restaurant at unbelievable prices under ₹100. They have mastered regular options like stir fry chicken and fried rice. Their menu is extensive. There’s something for everyone. Experiment away when you feel like it or just stick to the basics for a safe meal. Eating here is a treat for anyone with a craving for hot soup on cold nights. We Found Delhi’s Best Gravy Momos In Satya Niketan And They’re Just For ₹70!

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Mizo diner is located in an offbeat gali that will remind you of the many facets of Delhi. Simple places pack a lot of history in thin lanes. The cultural platter is bursting with flavour, just waiting to be eaten out of. This city never fails to surprise us. We’ll keep bringing you hidden gems like this, and you keep telling us how it was!

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Where: 85, Humayunpur, Safdarjung

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