Brownie Walnut Paan, Butterscotch Crunch Paan And 70 More Insane Flavours At Pandey’s Paan In Delhi For ₹50!

by Vidisha Khaitan
Brownie Walnut Paan, Butterscotch Crunch Paan And 70 More Insane Flavours At Pandey’s Paan In Delhi For ₹50!

If you thought paan is UP territory, you don’t know Delhi very well. Everyone’s got their own place for paan and it is mandatory after a heavy north Indian dinner. All those spices and makhani call for a little palette cleanser afterwards. That’s where the perfect minty delight steps in. How about you give your local panwaadi a little break and do something crazy? We have found an insane panwaadi with the most shocking flavours ever. Pandey’s Paan in Connaught Place is a city relic and it costs as much as any other paanwala! By the way, did you know Connaught Place To Soon Become A Vehicle Free Zone?

What is it

Chocolate paan is old news, but how does chocolate brownie walnut paan sound? That’s what we thought. Now add the price of just ₹50 to this fantastical reality. Pandey’s Paan has been quietly making history since 1973. Indian Presidents have gorged on their amazing creations. That’s this place’s reach and rightly so. They have over 70 flavours, none of which you would have ever seen before.

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To list a few of our favourites: Blueberry Dipped Sweet, Hazelnut and Custard Apple. His other flavours include the regulars in a variety of different leaves. They even have something to cure the common cold and for those suffering from ulcers. Healing paan alert! His Madhuri Honey is also supremely popular and the first option on this insane menu. For those counting calories, they have you covered. You didn’t think you were going home without one, did you? There’s a diet paan too! Try Moti-Chur And Paan Ice Cream At This South Delhi Dessert Place That’s Open Till 4AM

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What’s more

This is the panwaadi of our dreams. Butterscotch crunch, almond, caramel, groundnut, Pandey’s Paan is giving us winter dreams we didn’t know we had and making them come true. This is no normal paan-shop. It’s an airconditioned store that displays hundreds of them like dessert. It’s post-meal paradise. They have gift baskets too. They’re are all packed and ready to go. They’re always fresh because of massive sales every day. In case you’re not a pro, don’t bother trying to gobble the whole thing in traditional style. It’s too huge. Just bite into it.

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Connaught Place is a great drive on winter nights. Now we have a reason to go there and it’s completely legit. Paan is essential. We can’t help it now, can we? We know you can’t either! Get started, there’s a huge menu to cover!

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Where: 3, New MP’s Market, Near RML Hospital, North Avenue, Connaught Place