Dig Into Butter Chicken At Mini Mughal Greater Kailash II Located In The Heart Of South Delhi

People think Greater Kailash 2 M Block Market is all on the surface. Restaurants that do the marketing right get a lot of attention from all kinds of crowd. Today, we found a restaurant that doesn’t need to market themselves at all. Mini Mughal is giving giants like Moti Mahal a run for their money. Their king dish: Butter Chicken! Are you wondering how you don’t know about a restaurant that’s bang in the middle of south Delhi’s food hub? They keep a low profile. Check out the 12 Places In Delhi That Serve The Oh So Perfect Butter Chicken

What is it

Quiet, humble, opulent: Mini Mughal is food heaven for Butter Chicken loyals. North Indian food is the best in well, north India (surprise surprise!). Mughlai is what Delhi has to give. There’s no comparison to Delhi’s expectations or delivery when it comes to Mughal flavours. This Butter Chicken is no mortal among humans. It’s tangy, it’s spicy, it’s buttery, it’s just the right Mughlai. If you thought you can only get Chandni Chowk level food in well, Chandni Chowk, you’ve been wrong this whole time. Save The Trip & Bite Into Chandni Chowk’s Legendary Aslam Butter Chicken In South Delhi

butter chicken

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They serve boneless and with bone, according to preference. The half plate costs ₹460 which is quite enough for a party of 2-3. The full plate is worth its price of ₹820 for larger groups with some left over. The Butter Chicken aka Murg Makhani is best enjoyed with butter naan in the capital but, Mini Mughal has another trick up its sleeves. They have a special Mirchi Paratha, a combination unique to this restaurant. This one is for the teekha lovers. Grab a bite if you dare, you always have the option of traditional satiation with soft and crispy butter naan.

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What’s more

Their menu is everything a vegetarian or non-vegetarian could want from the typical north Indian meal. From Murg Reshmi Kebab to winter-fame Nihari, from rolls to Dal Makhani, these guys have nailed every comfort food possible. Their Paneer Lababdar is amazing but, the Baigan Mirch Ka Salan is truly inspired. Butter Chicken is surely not the only thing you should gorge on at this find. The restaurant interiors are designed to prepare customers for buffering time between courses. You are surely going to miss your bed once you’re done. The meal will be buttery, and you will be lazy afterwards, that’s just a fact.

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Mini Mughal is butter chicken heaven because everything else makes the deal a perfect platter. Dip your rotis in a bit of dal and some salan for a change in palette. Take a breather, share a roll and don’t worry, nothing will diminish the shine of the night’s star. Winter is here, so don’t tread lightly. It’s time for heavy meals and heavier wallets because this place is not going to burn a whole in your pockets!

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Where: M-71, 1st Floor, M Block Market, Greater Kailash II

Vidisha Khaitan
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