10 Best Tandoori Chicken Places In Delhi To Try in 2019 That Cater To Your Cravings

by Vidisha Khaitan
by Vidisha Khaitan 5727

What’s that one thing appropriate for every event and all moods? Finger food, hunger pangs, group feasting and midnight binging, tandoori chicken warms our hearts. Where better to find the best tandoori chicken places than in the land of tandoors! Check out our exclusive to avoid all the extra food because every bite you take should be worth it.

1. Changezi Chicken

best places for tandoori chicken

Picture Credit: YouTube (for rep)

Changez Khan was teekha, masaledaar and gutsy. Why would his chicken be any different? We absolutely love their style and they make it to one of the best tandoori chicken places in old Delhi flavours. Although they have many outlets across town, we implore you to get their original Karol Bagh feel.

Where it is: Karol Bhagh

2. Alkauser

Picture Credit: tripadvisor (for rep)

Melt in mouth tandoori chicken at your doorstep. That’s right, this delivery place has revamped what fresh out of the tandoor means to make it last until you’re licking your fingers for the last traces of the yummy masala. Order away, no need to move!

Where is it: Chanakyapuri

3. Alaalia

best places for tandoori chicken

Picture Credit: telegraph (for rep)

Sent from the heaven itself, they’re one of the best tandoori chicken places and affordable too. Their delivered items are as good as the dine-in ones. The place is small but, the food is just so good that we didn’t mind. The whole time there we quietly looked at our plates and our mouths never stopped moving.

Where is it: Mount Kailash

4. Rajinder Da Dhaba

best tandoori chicken places

Picture Credit: hungryforever (for rep)

Punjabis know their chicken. In the northern parts of India, everyone knows not to mess with them at twelve but more importantly not to mess with their tandoori chicken. This place captures the essence of Punjab in every whiff.

Where is it: SDA

5. Aslam Chicken

best tandoori chicken places

Picture Credit: Wikimedia Commons (for rep)

Jama Masjid is Delhi’s boss when it comes to meat and it has plenty of ways to show the city how it’s done. Aslam is one of the best tandoori chicken places here for sure and everybody knows it. This is why there’s always a long wait there but, don’t let that deter you. You must go because it’s worth the wait.

Where is it: Jama Masjid

6. Khan Chach

best tandoori chicken places

Picture Credit: Outlook India (for rep)

Delhi’s most loyal tandoori chicken patrons belong to Chachaji. Their tandoori chicken is best with chutney and pyaaz, or inside a roll, or on a platter, it’s just the best in every way. Be sure to try them out at least once as now they’re at major markets.

Where is it: Multiple locations

7. Kake Da Hotel

best tandoori chicken places

Picture Credit: Pinterest (for rep)

Three generations have relished Kake Da Hotel as one of the best tandoori chicken places. They have the X factor and we are dying to crack their secret. The homely touch in their Punjabi tadka is what sets them a class apart. Good food is their forte and eating is ours! What a perfect match.

Where is it: Connaught Place

8. Karims

best tandoori chicken places

Picture Credit: Steemit (for rep)

Karim’s is synonymous with old Delhi. Every true Delhiite knows not to speak ill of the best tandoori chicken places and this one tops the list. What started as a small stall in 1913 has now grown into a revered chain of top notch rolls and tandoori snacks.

Where is it: Multiple locations

9. Bukhara

Picture Credit: OW Pictures (for rep)

On our list of a lot of foody goodies, Bukhara is on this one too. It has definitely got it right. Almost their entire menu is about the tandoor and dal Bukhara. One must go here and order nothing else.

Where is it: ITC Maurya

10. Havemore

Picture Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Gulati has always done us well with butter chicken but, it’s not one of the best tandoori chicken places, this is. It’s a little underwraps that Havemore has caught up to Gulati’s popularity since both restaurants are side by side. A little healthy competition never hurt anyone specially when we reap the benefits of it.

Where is it: Pandara Road

The best tandoori chicken places are all over town but, knowing which ones they are is the only way you can cover them all. It’s an ambitious undertaking but, if we can do it, so can you!

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