Spend A Winter Day With Dahi Butter Chicken, Delhi’s Best Kebabs & Veg Biryani At Nizamuddin!

by Vidisha Khaitan
by Vidisha Khaitan 390

Nizamuddin in Delhi is home to Delhi’s revered Dargah. It harbours the famous railway station and manages huge traffic every living day. It’s only fair that all these people flocking to one hotspot in the capital city get the best food experiences without travel tensions. Nizamuddin does not fail us. It is the place of Delhi’s best Mughlai foods.

1. Ghalib Kebab Corner

This is a 40-year-old place with kebabs on display, so you know what to eat already. The pull of these delicious kebabs is inescapable, the fragrance undeniable. They have the best shami kebab and mutton tikka. You will definitely come back for this one. The kebabs are smoky from the skewers and melt in your mouth as soon as you take a bite. Check out the best kebab places in Delhi.

Where: Shop 57, Near Lal Mahal, Ghalib Road

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2. Kit Care Kebab Corner

Forget everything you know about food and order Dahi Butter Chicken. This is the most wonderful find in Nizamuddin. They deserve a medal for this one. Tandoori chicken is drenched with flavourful dahi before unloading sizzling butter on top. It’s more creamy than spicy and the best variation to butter chicken we could ask for. This is in fact nothing like the butter chicken we all know and love.

Where: Shop T-21, Near Musafir Khaana


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3. Manpasand Nahari Roti Waale

Nihari is a winter treat for Delhi. This is no mortal among famous dishes, it’s a national treasure. It is a stew for the meat hearted with buff, lamb, mutton, chicken, we can go on. It’s everything wonderful and melts in your mouth and our favourite winter food. Nizamuddin’s best nihari is a thick red gravy topped with green chilis, served with traditional ultra-soft khameeri rotis.

Where: A-58, Mirza Ghalib Road

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4. Hussaini Hotel

This is the Nizamuddin restaurant featured in Bollywood blockbuster Rockstar. They serve nihari with tandoori rotis, but the real star of the outlet is their chaap. This place also does biryani every Thursday and Sunday. The Korma and kofta is soul enriching, perfect for cold day.

Where: Shop No 58, Mirza Galib Road

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5. Al-Quresh

This is Nizamuddin’s air-conditioned food heaven for the hygienic ones. There’s no need to compromise on taste when you’re in Delhi’s centre of kebabs just because you don’t want to get your hands dirty. This place never goes out of style. You’ll find customers who have been coming here since they can remember. The karahi chicken and tangri kebabs are a must-try here.

Where: 224, Near Markaz Market

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6. Zaika-E-Nizamuddin

In the 700-year old Nizamuddin basti emerged 11 fearless women who took their kitchen to the public. They specialize in vegetarian options like paneer tikka (duh), hara bhara kebab, soya kebab and the disputed vegetarian biryani. What’s even more special is their homestyle cooking and affordable prices.

Where: 233, Mashaik Manzil, Basti Hazrat


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7. Moradabad Ki Mashoor Biryani Ki Purani Dukaan

The name says is all, right? On Dargah road this little place serves long grains of rice with simple and poignant flavour. You can choose form buff or chicken on a steal plate. The biryani comes with a side of fiery red chutney. This biryani is like no other, it’s very subtle. It’s an honest insight into Mughal homes and their everyday kitchen.

Where: Dargah Road, Nizamuddin


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8. Nasir Iqbal Restaurant

Did you even go to Nizamuddin if kheer was not part of the tour? Thick, rick and milky dessert in a kulhad-like clay pot is the stuff of heavens. The kheer is thick enough to be phirni but the hint of cardamom in rice surely categorizes it as kheer for sure. They even put a thin silver foil on top for the royal touch.

Where: 268-A, Basti Hazrat

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9. Mehboob-E-Ilahi

They open at 6 AM with samosas for the working hungry. They always have heaps and heaps of food ready to go. What we love here is dessert. They make the most sinful imartis. Imartis are like jalebi’s sweet fat uncle, so heavy, so good. We couldn’t help ourselves, so we did, with 1 whole piece per person. If that doesn’t seem like a lot, go try one for yourself.

Where: Near Karim’s, Nizamuddin


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Nizamuddin food comes from 700 years of history and culinary heritage. A trip to Delhi is incomplete without a visit to the Dargah followed by a food crawl. These are the best eateries there for you to choose from. If you like a challenge, then go ahead and cover them all in one night! Send us pictures for proof.

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