This Pav Bhaji Ice Cream Is Another Food Crime & Netizens Are Utterly Disgusted!

by Shreya Rathod
This Pav Bhaji Ice Cream Is Another Food Crime & Netizens Are Utterly Disgusted!

A hot and spicy pav bhaji followed by yummy ice cream is a perfect meal. Right? But will you eat pav bhaji ice cream? Though one is a popular street and another is our favourite dessert, this flavour is a disaster! Here’s what netizens think about it.

Pav Bhaji Ice Cream! Really?


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Pav bhaji and ice cream are two foods that people like to eat separately. The flavour of pav bhaji is described as being buttery and spicy. In contrast, ice cream is a silky delicacy that often has a variety of fruits or chocolate flavours. Have you ever wondered what pav bhaji ice cream would taste like? They each have a distinctive flavour, but have you ever considered that? Well, recently such a thing was produced, which has upset a lot of people.

You can watch the creation of this unusual ice cream flavour in a video posted by Instagram user @cravingseverytime. The first scene in the video shows a man loading an ice cream maker with pav, bhaji, onions and chutney. Then they combine it with cream to create ice cream.

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After it is finished, the ice cream is rolled up and topped with additional bhaji and onions.

Netizens Are Disgusted With This Ice Cream!

pav bhaji ice cream
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Netizens are not happy with this new flavour of ice cream. One of the users wrote that it is better to eat ‘Suryavansham’ kheer than try this ice cream. Another user pointed out that they didn’t even note how the person who had eaten it responded. One person wrote that there is a separate punishment for people who commit such crimes.

Besides this, you will find different flavours — or experiments of flavours — of ice creams on Instagram. One of them is dhokla ice cream! Dhokla is a traditional food that is adored by Indians throughout. A few people elevated their love of dhokla by combining it with ice cream. Unbelievable fusion cuisine is produced by, you guessed it, cutting-edge food merchants.

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Other than this, there is masala dosa ice cream, Maggi ice cream, kurkure ice cream, golgappa ice cream and so on!

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