This Place In Kolkata Offers Coconut Pasta And Foodies Are Unsure How To React To It

by Vinita Jain
This Place In Kolkata Offers Coconut Pasta And Foodies Are Unsure How To React To It

Pasta with red sauce, pasta with white sauce, and pasta with pink sauce are all good, but have you ever tried daab pasta? Don’t be surprised, the food industry is evolving every day. A restaurant in Kolkata named Diner 49B has daab pasta as its signature dish. Diner 49B is a decent restaurant located in one of the quaint alleys of Jodhpur Park in Kolkata.

What Is Daab Pasta?

Daab pasta is basically cheesy, creamy pasta made in coconut sauce and stuffed inside a coconut. Well, coconut pasta is a healthy, and wholesome pasta recipe, where the normal milk is replaced with coconut milk.

Last winter, Diner 49B launched a new menu featuring mouthwatering and unique dishes. One of them was their limited edition daab pasta which caught everyone’s attention. Diner 49B serves daab pasta called Pasta Ala Cocco. Initially, foodies were a bit confused about how to react to this quirky dish, but after a while, daab pasta is loved so much that it is known as the signature dish of Diner 49B. Delicious daab pasta is served in a green coconut husk and topped with oregano, basil, chili flakes, and two shredded coconut slices.

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Diner 49B

Diner 49B serves delicious continental and oriental cuisines. Diner 49B is a very colorful and lively place, with good music and polite staff. Perfect place to hang out with friends. Along with their unique daab pasta, also relish their special Singaporean Creamy Butter Chicken, Fried chicken, and Chilli Chicken. Don’t miss out on their wide variety of drinks. The pleasant décor, scrumptious food, and comfortable atmosphere will make you visit this place again.


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