This Slice Of Denmark Near Kolkata Will Amaze You With Its Gourmet Dishes

by Suchismita Pal
This Slice Of Denmark Near Kolkata Will Amaze You With Its Gourmet Dishes

On the tranquil banks of the river Hoogly near Kolkata, lies a palatial colonial-era home which has now been converted into a vintage restaurant. The interiors of the restaurant speak volumes of history, with high ceilings, thick walls, arched windows and intricately carved railings. It lies in Serampore, which was once the prosperous hub of Danish India. Named Denmark Tavern, the restaurant holds aeons of Danish influence. At this place, you can savour traditional as well as global dishes while taking in the soothing river breeze.

Denmark Tavern, A Getaway From Kolkata On The Banks Of Hoogly

The building of the heritage eatery dates back to 1786. Mr. Parr, an Englishman, had established Denmark Tavern as a bed and breakfast accommodation. Back then, it specialised in comforting English breakfasts, wines and coffees. But the 21st century witnessed the ruining of the building to a dilapidated state. It was abandoned, neglected and had plants growing all over. A scrutiny team from the National Museum of Denmark finally identified the building and soon its restoration work began. Denmark Tavern reopened in 2018, bringing back the old-world charm to the contemporary era.

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Gorge On Bengali And Danish Specialities At The Restaurant

Denmark Tavern serves hearty Bengali dishes like Luchi with Chicken Curry, Porotha, Mutton Kosha and Fish Curry as well as Italian, Chinese and Danish specialities. Danish Style Chicken Sausages, Danish Roast and Danish Pastry are must-tries here. What’s more, the restaurant is a paradise for pasta lovers. You can also rent a room here to spend a refreshing vacation with a view and soak in the local culture. The property is flanked by the river on one side and towering coconut trees on the other.

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Serampore is roughly a 1.5-hour drive from Kolkata via Delhi road. It is around 43 minutes away from the famous Dakshineshwar Kali Temple and 47 minutes from Belur Math. The Denmark Tavern is at a walking distance of 12 minutes from the Serampore station.

Address | Serampore Police Line N.N Roy Street , LP 39, 2/1, Serampore