This Plant-Based Meat Brand Backed By Anushka Sharma-Virat Kohli Has Earned A Sustainability Seal

Blue Tribe Foods
by Tejashee Kashyap

Whether motivated by personal health goals or environmental ethics, consumers are increasingly turning to plant-based meats. The rise of plant-based alternatives offers a way to enjoy familiar meat flavours and textures. And now, India’s Blue Tribe Foods, the plant-based meat brand has gone a notch forward and earned a sustainability seal.

Blue Tribe Foods Earn Sustainability Seal


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Blue Tribe Foods, the pioneering plant-based meat company that Bollywood sensation Anushka Sharma and cricket ace Virat Kohli support and invest in has marked a significant milestone in its journey towards a sustainable future. The brand has achieved carbon and plastic neutrality. Also, the brand’s commitment to sustainability has also been recognised with the renowned Sustainability Seal for its cutting-edge products.

According to the Plastic Waste Statistics report, 2.26 million tonnes of plastic packaging would be covered by EPR in the years 2022–2023. In this polluted age, businesses like these are essential in influencing the environment and the lives of thousands of people.

The Sustainability Seal awarded by TDC to Blue Tribe Foods marks the brand’s unwavering commitment to producing innovative, eco-friendly, and delicious plant-based meat products. Innovation in the food industry has also played a crucial role in making plant-based meat more appealing.

Moreover, TDC is India’s First Plastic Credit platform. In addition, it provides businesses with the tools they need to stop using plastic and actively promote environmental improvement. It is the preferred option for more than 60 brands globally thanks to its strict standards and solid reputation.

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Innovation In Food Makes Way


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Companies have invested heavily to create products that replicate the taste, texture, and aroma of traditional meat. The investment and endorsement of Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli catapulted Blue Tribe Foods into the spotlight.

Blue Tribe Foods, started by Sandeep Singh and Nikki Arora Singh, has pioneered the plant-based meat sector by providing a delicious selection of substitutes manufactured from peas, soybeans, lentils, grain, and other vegetarian ingredients. Their goods have not only delighted palates but also made a major contribution to a greener earth.

Presently, the popularity of plant-based meat is not limited to a niche group of consumers; it has broad appeal across demographics. It’s good to see consumers increasingly turning to plant-based meats as a satisfying and sustainable choice for their meals.

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