This TikToker’s Crayon-Coloured Omelette And Rice Is Art On Plate

by Sanmita A
This TikToker’s Crayon-Coloured Omelette And Rice Is Art On Plate

The internet has space for everyone – the weird, excellent and creative. Recently, we came across this TikTok creator who creates the humble omelette and rice in the most innovative ways. His dishes do not have the usual omelette and rice colour palette. They look different and colourful. Yes, this creator is cooking omelette and rice in pastel colours, and we love it! Read more about his creations here.

Pastel-Coloured Omelette And Rice Is Winning The Internet

This creator is making these plates of omelette and rice in varied shades and honestly, we cannot stop watching the videos. We are amazed by his cooking skills and with the detailing in his plates. As we said, his creations are totally art on plate. Meanwhile, check out the blue, peach, black, green, and yellow coloured dishes he shared on the internet –

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Netizens Reacting To His Cooking Art

The creator goes with the username ‘omurice_omelette’. True to the name, the profile is full of varied versions of this humble dish. And, his followers too are super curious on how he prepares such pretty, pastel coloured dishes which look less like average meals, but more like dessert. Take a look at what people are saying –

wait how tho….. unless the egg yolk is also white won’t it turn green-

Purple next😈

I’m wondering where all your omelets go each day? Do you eat them everyday?? 😍

Who ate cement for dinner?

Like watching someone eat hot asphalt cements

How would you define this plate of this simple, and staple dish? Yay or Nay? Let us know!

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