Pizza With Vanilla Ice Cream Irks Foodies. What About You?

by Sanmita A
Pizza With Vanilla Ice Cream Irks Foodies. What About You?

Real foodies, brace yourselves because you will not be pleased with what we spotted on the internet. This recent video tells that the world of food is officially doomed. RJ Rohan took to Instagram to share a video of pizza cooked with chocolate and ice cream. And, no, it just doesn’t stop there! All toppings like cheese, capsicum & onion goes in too. And no authentic pizza sauce, you will only get the chocolate-flavoured sauce in the pizza base.

Pizza And Ice Cream Combo! Would You Try This Combo?

The internet clearly wasn’t happy with this food combination of pizza and ice cream. Before cooking, the pizza is topped with vanilla-flavoured ice cream, and in the end, it is served with strawberry flavoured. It starts with spreading chocolate sauce on the pizza base, onion, tomatoes, capsicum, and grated cheese. Before finally tossing it into the oven, scoops of vanilla ice cream are spread on top.

Take a look at the pizza that we’re sure nobody is impressed with:


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Netizens Are Surely Not Impressed, But Annoyed!

Firstly, we are totally in awe of the mind that could come up with the combination of the above ingredients. We are guessing Italians will go bonkers on seeing such a bizarre combination of pizza toppings. We are thinking, nobody would not want to try this insane combination of flavours. Well, here’s what the internet thinks about this pizza and ice cream combination –

I have eaten better Ice cream pizza.

m sure u paid the pizza guy to make it for u!!! 🤢 🤮


Well, the video surely doesn’t have many likeable or appropriate comments due to the weird food combination. Netizens are totally irked considering people are constantly churning out weird food combinations. And honestly, true foodies are not liking it.

What about you?

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