This Travelling Couple Gave Up Their Home To Explore 100 Countries And Are Now Stuck In A Hotel

by Kanika Sharma
by Kanika Sharma 4066

“Wouldn’t it be great, if we could just travel the world for the rest of our lives?” Many of us have had that thought. Many people were able to convert this dream into reality as well. Some also paid a huge price for it, like YouTubers Kara and Nate, who sold off their home to travel. With 1 million subscribers, around a 100 countries and the 7 continents ticked off from their list, everything was going fine, until the Covid-19 global pandemic took over the world.

Picture Credit: Kata and Nate | Instagram

Where Are They Now?

Well.. they are stuck in an airport hotel in Singapore. Kara and Nate were in the Philippines when the lockdown started happening. They somehow managed to get themselves out of there and reached Singapore. They have been there, ever since.

Picture Credit: Kata and Nate | Instagram

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Before heading to Philippines, they had retuned from Antarctica and visited their family in the US. After spending some time there, they decided to head out for their next travel journey again. Little did they know at the time, that it would be (quite) a while before they would visit home again. They did have an option of heading back to the US, but decided to quarantine themselves because they had been on the road for a while. This was the only way they could protect their family as well.

What Are They Upto Now?

Making most of the time that they have on their hands. Nate was reported as saying that while he is working on marketing and finance, Kara is working on video edits. Singapore isn’t under lockdown, so people do step out to get food or exercise. They have made this a part of their routine. Currently, they are creating vlogs around yoga, DIYs and skin care. We bet, they are also planning for their next trip, when all this boils over.

Picture Credit: Kata and Nate | Instagram

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So are we…

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