This UK Chef Has Not Had Solid Food In 8 Years; Here’s Why

by Shreya Shriyan
This UK Chef Has Not Had Solid Food In 8 Years; Here’s Why

Enjoying our favourite foods when we’re down brings comfort to most of us if not all. Gorging on a crispy fry, or a juicy burger is a feeling that is unparalleled. But imagine never being able to eat your favourite food again because your body refuses to accept it. For this UK-based chef, our imagination is her reality. She has not eaten a morsel of solid food in 8 years.

UK Chef Has Not Had Solid Food In 8 Years

At the age of 31, Loretta Harmes, a chef residing in Dorset (UK), received a diagnosis in 2015 that would change her life – Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS). This rare syndrome encompasses a collection of thirteen disorders, as reported by NDTV. 

Unfortunately, Harmes’ condition prevents her body from effectively digesting the food she eats, leading to constant bloating and indigestion. For the last eight years, Harmes has been unable to consume any solid meals. Instead, she relies on a tube feeding system, which she wears for eighteen hours daily, to receive the necessary nutrients, said the reports.

Hermes also said that her doctors struggled for years to figure out what she was actually suffering from. She revealed that she was finally relieved to get a diagnosis after years of uncertainty. 

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A Rare Medical Condition Put Her On A Feeding Tube

But sadly, with the news of her diagnosis came the news of a new lifestyle change. Loretta was told by her doctors that she would now have to use a feeding tube to sustain herself. She mentioned how she would never be able to go out to drink or eat, as per the reports.

The report also said that Harmes would have to wear the bag for 18 hours a day in order to survive and get the nutrients she needs. She mentioned how heartbreaking it was for someone like her, who loves food and cooking, to go through this. But, she was relieved to have a solution to her problems. 

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Although, the chef is not going to be letting her rare medical condition get in the way of her becoming a professional chef. The chef uses her sense of smell and touch to develop recipes and make her family and friends taste the dishes she makes.

Do you know of someone else who is suffering from this condition? What was their journey like? Let us know in the comments.

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