This UK Firm Will Pay You ₹63 Lakhs Per Year To Pick Broccoli & Cabbage

by Sanjana Shenoy
This UK Firm Will Pay You ₹63 Lakhs Per Year To Pick Broccoli & Cabbage

If you’re looking at your bank balance, wishing you could do better, then we have great news for you! A United Kingdom based firm will pay you a whopping ₹63 lakhs as an annual salary for picking broccoli and cabbage. No, we aren’t kidding! In order to overcome the shortage of workforce, T H Clements and Son Limited is seeking “operatives” who can work all year round and make good money out of it. Read on to know more about this fresh job opportunity.

London Based T H Clements Seeks Operatives To Harvest Cabbage & Broccoli

T H Clements and Son Limited located in Lincolnshire, London has posted advertisements for jobs that offer a stellar salary. The company is seeking “operatives” who are ready to work all year round. The job entails cabbage picking and harvesting broccoli. It pays £30 (₹2598) per hour. So, “operatives” who work for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week can earn £1,200 (₹1,03,923). This would amount to £4,800 ( ₹4,15,694) a month or a yearly salary of £62,400 (around ₹63 lakhs). The two job positions open are “Field Operatives to harvest Cabbages” and Field Operatives to harvest Broccoli. ”

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uk firm pays for cabbage and broccoli picking
Picture Credits: TH Clements

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This Full-Time Job In The UK Could Pay ₹63 Lakhs Annual Salary

The salary depends on “piecework”. And the workers will earn their salaries depending on how many vegetables they will pick. According to a report by the Central Recorder, workers wouldn’t always earn the highest amount on regular basis. The high salary is announced to tackle severe staff shortages amid the Covid-19 pandemic and Brexit. In fact, the high salary is an indicator of the difficulties in recruiting staff in the fruit and vegetable picking business. Nevertheless, this is a full-time job from the UK’s leading fresh farm produce supplier, T H Clements. Meanwhile, if you’re fascinated by farms, visit this gorgeous farmhouse just 1.5 hours away from Mumbai.