This Viral Chocolate Coke Preparation Is Not Like Other Food Trends On The Internet; Here’s Why

by Sanjana Shenoy
This Viral Chocolate Coke Preparation Is Not Like Other Food Trends On The Internet; Here’s Why

In a world where Fanta Omelette, made by pouring the orange-hued soda and cooking eggs in it, is possible, anything is possible. In a world where an entire masala dosa is crushed, mixed with cream to make dosa ice cream rolls, anything is possible. But here’s where the viral Chocolate Coke stands apart from other food trends. Let’s tell you why.

Man Prepares Chocolate Coke & It’s Not What We Think!

Heard of Kolkata’s famous Doodh Cola? It’s a unique summer cooler made by mixing cold milk and Coca-Cola. Well, if you thought the viral Chocolate Coke is a drink made by mixing chocolate with Coca-Cola, then you couldn’t be more wrong. The name can be deceptive, and witnessing other food trends on the Internet it seems likely to most Netizens that Chocolate Cola is a food innovation no one asked for.

An Instagram reel by @great_indian_asmr brings Chocolate Coke to the forefront. Interestingly, the reel shows a man emptying a bottle of Coca-Cola into a bowl. Then, he keeps it aside. Next, he chops three large bars of Amul dark chocolate into small pieces. Then, he melts this chocolate in a double-boiler method.

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Then, he cuts the empty plastic Coca-Cola bottle in half and removes the label. Then, he pours the melted chocolate into the cut plastic containers. Using a piping bag, he fills both the halves with cream and adds Gems in it. Finally, he refrigerated his unique creation. When he removes it from the fridge, it looks like a perfect Coca-Cola bottle, especially after he sticks the label on it and caps it.

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Netizens Are Relieved; Here’s Why!

The man bites into the bottle and devours his creamy-Gems dessert that’s encased in a dark chocolate bottle shape. With over 17 million views and thousands of comments, this Chocolate Coke seemed to have won the hearts of Netizens, Many expressed relief that he didn’t mix chocolate and coke together. One person even christened the dessert Choca Chola! Yet another person commented that this dessert recipe is a tip on how one can get diabetes in 10 minutes.

Chocolate Coke

Meanwhile, do let us know if you’d give this Instagram-friendly Chocolate Coke a try.

Cover Image Courtesy: @great_indian_asmr/ Instagram