This Viral ‘Mouth Freshener’ Dosa Is Leaving A Bad Taste In Our Mouths

by Shreya Rathod
This Viral ‘Mouth Freshener’ Dosa Is Leaving A Bad Taste In Our Mouths

Dosa is a quintessential South Indian dish that is relished across the country. However, this lovely dish is popular for weird experiments. Some of them are ice cream dosa, chocolate dosa, jini dosa and so on. But have you been able to express your anger on these experiments? Well, this guy has! A vlogger has posted a reaction video on Instagram about the mouth freshener dosa!

Mouth Freshener Dosa Reaction Video


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A vlogger, thekurtaguy, posted an Instagram reel in which he reacts to the mouth freshener dosa. In the video, he states that the dosa-spreading technique is good. However, why is the man spreading butter and jaggery on it? And what is the need for adding ‘sweet sesame seeds’ AKA mouth freshener? A closer look at the video will show you that it is mukhwaas.

In addition to this, the vendor cuts dosa in triangles because circular dosas are too common. He even points out that the dosas are getting out of hand and he feels like giving up after this new mouth freshener dosa. He further says that mouth freshener is supposed to be eaten after having food and not with it. According to the blogger’s bio, he is trying to save normal dosas and making such hilarious reaction videos on Instagram is his way to ensure that.

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Netizens Are Suggesting Unbelievable Dosa Experiments

mouth freshener dosa
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Netizens are laughing after watching this video. One of the users justified this dosa and wrote that maybe this dish was made to eat after food. Another one found this video so funny that he wrote ‘some videos should come with a warning’.

Others have started suggesting new dosa combinations like mineral dosa. It will be made with natural minerals for humans’ mineral requirements. Another suggestion was ‘pan dosa’! The user wrote that it is going to be legit one day. One of the users said that they are going to try alcohol dosa and cigarette dosa too.

Many of them are sad that normal dosas are entering the endangered list. And it is a crime to make such versions of dosas.

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What are your thoughts about this mouth freshener dosa?

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