This Vlogger Made Alpenliebe Kulfi & Netizens Ki Jeebh Laplapayee!

by Tooba Shaikh
This Vlogger Made Alpenliebe Kulfi & Netizens Ki Jeebh Laplapayee!

Chocolates and candies are a huge part of our childhood and nostalgia. One of the many candies that evoke such a sense of nostalgia in us is Alpenliebe. This particular caramel candy was a staple in almost all of our childhoods. Whether it be the distribution of candies on a classmate’s birthday or buying them on or from your way to school, this candy is memorable. Someone on the Internet had the brilliant idea of making Alpenliebe Kulfi and humari jeebh laplapa rahi hai!

Vlogger Makes Alpenliebe Kulfi

Chefs and cooks are no less than artists and their kitchens are their canvasses. Ever since the advent of social media, many people take to the Internet and share creative recipes with everyone. These recipes are also very often quick and easy to make. Recently, a vlogger shared a video of them making Alpenliebe Kulfi and it looks delicious!

The vlogger starts by adding a few Alpenliebe caramel candies to a non-stick frying pan. They then start to melt the candy, after which, they add milk to the pan. After mixing the melted candy thoroughly with the milk, they add some sugar. They also mix some milk powder with the milk and add it to the pan.

After the contents of the pan are thoroughly mixed, they are cooled down. The vlogger then transfers the mixture into Kulfi moulds, covers them with aluminium foil and inserts a stick into the Kulfi moulds. The vlogger then freezes. The result is a delicious-looking Caramel Kulfi.

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Netizens React To The Recipe

Alpenliebe kulfi
Credits: Canva Images

This video of the delicious-looking Kulfi was posted on the 26th of March by the Vlogger Golu’s Kitchen on the popular social media platform Instagram. Ever since it was first posted on Instagram, the video has garnered more than 6.5 thousand like and even more views.

Most people loved the recipe with many commenting that they, too, will surely try the recipe soon! However, the naysayers are always present and some of them attempted to highlight that the recipe was extremely unhealthy and that the creator should probably think twice before promoting such an unhealthy recipe.

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What was your reaction to this delicious-looking Kulfi? Let us know in the comments below if you decide to try this recipe!

Cover Image Credits: @golus_kitchen_by_tanvigor/Instagram