This Volcano Pani Puri Of Surat Is India’s Most Trending Pani Puri

by Shreya Ghosh
This Volcano Pani Puri Of Surat Is India’s Most Trending Pani Puri

All thanks to the Internet and the social media platforms to entertain us with so many fun and interesting facts on various aspects and topics. Very recently, a pani puri stall in Surat became super famous throughout India and millions of Internet users watched the specialties of this stall on social media. The name of the stall is ‘Aayush Panipuri Center’ and it offers the most unique volcano pani puri to the crowd.

Surat’s Volcano Pani Puri Is India’s Most Trending Pani Puri

Nestled in Udhna Udhyog Nagar, Aayush Panipuri Center is the most popular stall in Surat now for the trending volcano pani puri. We all have tasted volcano lava cake and volcano snacks, but this is something that no one ever thought of before. The stall owner starts serving a plate of pani puri with a tasty salad made with some vegetables. He then follows it up with puri, the matar-aalo stuffing (peas and potato), and the tamarind water. The matar aalo is actually the volcano and the craziest part of the street food. This volcano is prepared with boiled peas, boiled potatoes, tamarind water, and lots of spices. The volcano bursts with tons of flavours and deliciousness once you take a whole bite of it. The taste is heavenly!

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The stall owner ends the serving with a mixture of flakes of puri, salad, matar-aalo, and spices. He mixes everything well and serves a huge ball of the mixture to the customers.

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More Than 5,000 Pieces Are Sold Everyday!

The people of Surat absolutely love to relish this volcano pani puri. The stall opens in the morning itself, unlike most stalls that open in the evening. From the beginning till the end, the stall stays quite crowded. Over 5000 pieces of puri are sold every single day here. Without a single doubt, Aayush Panipuri Center is indeed a crowd-favourite. The craze for this place is insane and no wonders why so many people visit here every day and wait in line to taste the wonderous flavours.