This Winter Season, Enjoy & Explore This Colourful Family Destination At The Dubai Magic Park

by Shrestha Purkayastha
This Winter Season, Enjoy & Explore This Colourful Family Destination At The Dubai Magic Park

For the ninth season, the Dubai Garden Glow at Zabeel Park has reopened to the public. Magical displays, lively and colourful flowers, and shimmering butterflies are among the new themes for the 7th edition. Children were bouncing with excitement at the gate on the first day of Dubai Garden Glow’s seventh season, while travellers from all over the world waited for the gates to open. According to Dubai Garden Glow on Instagram, “The World of Glittering Colors is NOW OPEN with The Roar of the Dinosaurs and the Illusion of the Magic Park.”

This time, three amazing themes are combined in one area! Yes! A Magic Park, a Glow Park, and a Dinosaurs Park are all available!

The ‘Dubai Garden Glow’ Is Set To Be Bigger, Better, & Brighter Than Ever Before

The lights are turned on at ‘The World’s Largest Unique Theme Park’ for the seventh season. With a host of new ‘glow-in-the-dark garden’ themes and attractions, the world’s most eye-catching theme park has returned. This version promises to be bigger, better, and brighter, so get ready to be wowed! Season 7 is going to be even more magical.

‘Magic Park’ Showcases A World Of Mesmerizing Optical Illusions In The Visual Arts

Magic Park is a visual arts realm full of seductive optical illusions. This is a one-of-a-kind art style in which geometric shapes are used to create enthralling optical illusions. It establishes a mysterious link between what the human brain understands and what our eyes can see. This Magical World will undoubtedly astonish and enthral everyone’s imaginations, as well as provide photo opportunities in a variety of categories. The entire Magic Park experience is a visual, sensuous, and educational adventure world. The Magical Park is a one-of-a-kind art style that creates captivating optical illusions using geometric patterns.

Discover Over 25 Interactive Exhibits & 3D Artworks

Over 25 interactive displays and 3D artworks will dazzle you at the Magic Park. The park is a photographer’s dream, so make sure your Instagram account is full of unusual images. To create captivating optical effects, the park uses one-of-a-kind geometric artwork.

The park creates a secret link between what our brains understand and what our eyes can perceive. The Magical World will astonish and inspire you to let your imaginations run wild while also allowing you to spam your Instagram feed with Instagram-worthy photos!

Climb The Burj, Eat At An Upside-Down Cafe Or Play Three-Dimensional Chess

The Magic Park gives you the opportunity to participate in some of the most thrilling things you’ve ever experienced. Gather your friends in the 3D chess room and play a game of chess. If indoor games don’t catch your attention, consider scaling the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest tower.

Grammarians will be spoiled for choice when it comes to filling their gramme with distinctive visuals. Take a selfie with yourself in a mirror staring back at you, or stand at a 45-degree angle in the living room with all the furniture dangling from the ceiling, or eat in an upside-down cafeteria.

Dubai Garden Glow, prepared to become the next wonder for its visitors, extends a warm invitation to everybody, promising to capture a greater share of your memories. With all of your love and affection, we are doing our best to spread this environment over the world. As a result, we kindly invite you to explore this lovely and promising paradise, where you will be able to enjoy the Theme of Beauty in this Eco-Friendly Creative World. If you get lost, don’t panic; there are people who can help you capture those unforgettable moments for posterity.