Throw Chewing Gum And Get Fined AED 500 In Dubai

by Jui Nikita
Throw Chewing Gum And Get Fined AED 500 In Dubai

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Keep your city clean or get fined warns Dubai Municipality in a bid to sustain the city’s cleanliness.

What Is It?

In its effort to provide a clean and sustainable environment, the Dubai Municipality has tweeted a warning on spitting chewing gum on the streets. Spit chewing gum and be prepared to pay AED 500 fine based on local order No.11 of 2003. In an earlier post, the municipality also said: “If you throw a single cup of tea, it may cost you Dh500, based on the terms of local order No. 11 of 2003, in your hand, to sustain your city’s cleanliness.”

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What Else?

Chewing gum is also not allowed in Dubai Metro or the platform and Dubai buses. Spitting in public places can cost violators AED 1,000 in fine. The government aims at the participation and contribution of the community members in respecting and maintaining public cleanliness and aesthetic appearance of the Emirate.

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